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I just woke up and i saw on twitter twitter to call this number so i if you have any quarterbacks face and tattoo it on your face. Who would you want steak sauce. Oh jeez. That's a good one aaron rodgers right part. That's been taken. I'll get yours troy. Aikman gas okay troy. Aikman's got a good looking face not for for me. You know jay z now so we have face to face. We have had a lettuce eye of the tiger. Who's is do you want. Oh and now later <hes> later yeah is are doing now. <hes> yeah tiger anyone max scherzer. That's a good the one i'm going to say it's my best feature really y- say with mine mike single terry is is pounded hunter pence. Oh crazy is crazy. Is aaron brooks for which game three space tomlin's is. I want mike tomlin's is those are good is great. I said is instead of christie. Is you got me. Oh man dan is i. I also like my eyes to this. I guess it's good that all googly eyes george martin golden that my friend who will never come on the ship. It's gonna rob rob. Go ahead face to face yeah. I subscribe stabbed. I would go. Oh brett farr today with the old man. I don't know i think he looks haggard. Today far like right when he first couple of years in green bay was his heyday for that face now. I don't know i gotta go to the is bill. I'm in the minority but i think the two i is really we free max scherzer. Look not good that weird. No no great is really. I mean yeah. I mean listen. You're you're weird. You took five space now. Look at that thing more seriously. He's agar later. Go out to you. Always you always have to say. Let's go out to it because you don't want it. Does mike pays the picture that i have options yeah yeah. There's so many people calling. I don't know who to steve mcnair every player. Let's go out to joey joey joey. Go ahead face to face. What's up. Hey i'd take andy dalton. 'cause i'm a redhead. The red rifle yeah yeah yeah. Ah yeah should've been chris's. I think i feel like the red rifle. Why why not that you got that. I got a good. Let's go to <hes>. Let's go to adrian adrian. Go ahead face to face the realm quarterback from remember the tie off the board. I liked that just put some thought into ramp from remember the titans that is great in fact. I might take sunshine from remember the number that about that. Oh hey it's okay now. The billy new game movie quarterbacks shane falco mike. You are shane falco. I think you are saving for the next edition next game movie quarterbacks. What was the blonde kid's name in little giants <hes>. It'd be weird if you had a kid's face tattooed on uh-huh. I'm pretty sure that kid grew up to be really handsome though he's right disputing that let's go to kenny kenny kids. They do a great part of my take. Let's go to let's go to kenny any dropped..

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