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Book, limitless and take her limitless assessments really great or really encourage you to do that. Laura gassner, audion dot com slash Ziglar. She set up a special page just for us and friends, I hear from so many of you who want more from Ziglar. You can go to Ziglar dot com anytime and see the events that are happening next that you can be a part of and the products you can leverage to change your life to really inspire your true performance. And there's a feeling you get when you walk down Chicago's magnificent mile for the first time, it's where my wife decided, I might be the one true story. It's like the feeling you get when you discover that there's a wine country, Illinois or the feeling of rioting and a hot air balloon thousand feet above the Mississippi that feeling is amazing. And you could find it at enjoy Illinois dot com. Illinois, are you up for amazing? Support for today's show comes from the light is good ping podcast. Join founders of life is good Bert and John Jacobs. I'm a fan as they talked to influential musicians athletes, business leaders in everyday people about the role of optimism in their lives. The also end each episode of the ping pong charity challenge, where the winner gets the donate to their charity of choice. The life is good ping podcast kicks off Thursday June thirteenth with a legendary Ringo Starr. Subscribe now on Stitcher Spotify items and adds some good vibes your day..

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