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I believe all home blue. Jay Games are going to be blacked out across Canada. And that means that people who have TV will only be able to watch away games of the Blue Jays and and they'll be does this because there's kind of an overlap with Local TV stations and local providers of the game that they broadcast the game obviously in their local market and they want people subscribing to the TV channel and not subscribing to em TV. So I think that's why they do it but a lot of people have been complaining about this myself included because we watch baseball from EM TV and now the only other way to watch baseball At least for me for someone who doesn't have TV is sportscenter now. Which is I'm you guys probably know better than I do but I think it's like thirty dollars a month which is more expensive them. Mlb TV MLB TV. Is I believe it's it'd be a hundred and twenty or one hundred fifty dollars a year that goes from like spring training last week February. Twenty second two. I mean all the postseason games are blacked out but the end of the regular season so I up Tober so you have all these months. It's IT works out cheaper and instead of just being able to watch bluejays games you can watch any game in baseball So yeah it is really sad. That like they're blacking out. All these games to me doesn't make sense from a marketing perspective for baseball Because you're losing out on a lot of fans who would be watching the game and you complain about the pace of play and all that stuff when you're blocking out baseball games to the people who are actually going to be the fans of that team Anyways so what are you guys thinking about this? Well yeah and it's it's something that you know it makes sense because even beyond sports net now are MLB TV based off of everything you know this the streaming were now. You've got you know example. Got Netflix Got Disney. Plus you got. Hbo Max You Got Crave. Tv You got Apple TV plus you got espn. Plus I can keep going on and on and on and it's the time of streaming wars and people want you to subscribe to what they their product and in this case. Roger just wants you to subscribe a sports now they WanNa build up sports net now the subscriptions and they want. That's how that's unfortunate. The only way you're GONNA be able to watch JAYS Games off on the go rather than actual sports net on cable and again. It's something that you know. Based off of Rogers at Stamford something. That seems to be where they will be something that they're going to be making a lot of money off of depend on how how on how successful. It is so not only. Are you going to be subscribing to sportscenter now on a monthly fee rather than Ama-? Btv like you said you. You already told spoke with the prices. You can only watch bluejays games. You can't watch actual other teams play baseball. You can't watch You CAN'T WATCH THE YANKEES. Take on the Red Sox. You can't watch other Other Games and you know I'm sure a lot of us are in the same boat as you guys and not every listener as well watches every single baseball game or other teams but there's also a good chunk of people who like to watch the Jays of course but they also like to follow the League. They also like to watch other games. And that's the that's what you mentioned. That's where the problem will be about fans that's where it's GonNa you know about the growth of the game and so on and so on and actually James used to be a black donor Amilton Btv but they got the the restriction came off in the mid two thousand and tens and actually the subscription packages based off of the numbers here became a lot more popular when the Jays were able to not be blocked on TV anymore and based off of the J. standpoint sure you know every other market and I think Mark Shapiro even said this every other team every other market deals with black problems by when you when you see other teams sure but when you compare it to the Jays it's in my opinion it's different especially because our perspective of being Canadian. You Know Baseball candidate this Canada's only team If you want you know the markets bigger than usual because it's a country you need people being invested more to the game if you want this game to grow if you want the market to continue to to grow and be popular and so on and so on you want people to be going to games more you know rather rogers cares or not or the management cares about. Jay is not selling out every night like they used to It's not a good look on the fans and it's not a good look anywhere across the league and what you want. Is You want more popularity toward not only the sport but in the case in our bias herb sorry in our perspective the market and unfortunately this is something that is going to happen where it's just goes for anything else in life. Now you need to subscribe to this product. You need to subscribe to this service and so on and so on monthly fees rather than you know as k apparently cables on its way out a clearly but you know still have just turning on the TV and watching the game you know. I'm not on the go doing this and doing that all the time. Especially in the summer watching the Jays. If you can't watch the game you can't watch the game but I'M NOT GONNA go out of my way to subscribe sports net now for sure rather than will be. Tv where you get again like. You said you get to watch every game. And that's the problem there for actual baseball fans who not only. WanNa watch the Jays but they want to watch every other team as well but sports now. You can't do that and that just takes it away of you having to spend more money to keep TV for no reason to watch the Jays but that's the only other way you can watch other teams place so it's a complicated situation as much as it's complicated it makes sense because again the streaming wars now as I guess it's kind of the future of TV who knows what's going to happen and again. I know there's other teams that are blocked out all the time and You know from a Canadian perspective as well If you WANNA just make a quick example of how the NHL does things on T. ascendance sports net In our market as I'm in the Toronto Market You can only watch leaf games. And there's nights where the leafs don't play and you see Ottawa. See Two senators taking on a random team if you want to click the channel. It's blacked out and it's you know every time I do it. I know it's blocked but it's just something that you know it's it it's frustrating and it's just because the leafs aren't honor your favorite team or so on there's still there's still other interests to watch other teams play and unfortunately being blacked out at you know it's one of the worst feelings turning clicking the channel and it's completely black saying you know restricted in your area so on and so on but it's a way for these markets to make money and quite frankly it's unfair for the fans. I think mark you brought up a really interesting point when you said that it's it's funny how the League is doing all these things to increase their The amount of people that watch baseball yet. They're literally not allowing them to watch it through the their streaming service. I think it's honestly really stupid because I think Bryson you said something like this where the Blue Jays are candidates only team so if you completely blackout people from watching those games will there is a lot of people that are going to watch that as opposed to a any other city in the in the US where the other twenty nine teams are twenty. I think but anyways all of the if you blackout Mariners Games than I. It's not really that big of a problem because there's still a lot of other you know it's not like the mariners take up the entire. West coaster north west coast of the of the of the League however if you blackout the Blue Jays Games will. That's literally every Blue Jay fan in Canada and I mean I know there are some people that are not blue Jays fans in Canada but the majority of the people are so. If you WANNA do that I mean I guess from the leaks perspective. That's just one of their teams. They still a lot of other teams and they solve. You know the other missing out on money but from their perspective. It's not you know it's not like a supreme. It's like a huge amount but I think it's honestly stupid because like you said now if I'm a consumer I personally don't have that problem just because I do use cable And I I have the bell APP on my phone so I can just watch whatever I want Through my TV. But if you if I go away next year and I don't have cable I'm not GonNa you know if I'm living on my own. I'm not going to buy it. You know but I still want to watch sports and if I can't watch TV. Than but I still WANNA watch the other teams. You know. It doesn't make sense because now you're basically paying double the price to watch your Toronto teams as well as every other team in the league and I just think that's honestly really you know it's stupid if you're a consumer but I don't think it's going to change unfortunately just because these guys own a lot of the market they're gonNA do whatever they want to keep people subscribe to them and I just. I don't like that idea honestly that they're doing this. You're just frustrating people to a point where they don't subscribe there's just all around just does not make sense to me at all Two things go in more depth embracing you mentioned that before the Blue Jays weren't blackout in the reason for that was because Paul Beeston Former president the Blue Jays and he was a very vocal advocate of not having these bluejays games blacked out because he understood at least from a business perspective that the team survives on the people who watch the Games. So if you're taking away thirty million people across Canada that can no longer watch this game. It's the things are not going to go well and Just a second thing I talked about this on twitter but this is driving people away from MLB and people who would have been giving their money their one hundred twenty one hundred and fifty dollars whatever it is to MLB and instead they're going to be sure some of them are going to be giving their money to sports net now but a lot of them are just gonNa be giving their money or nothing money but there is to illegal streaming sites so you're driving people away from the things that create revenue for you as an organization and as a team and you are redirecting them to ways where no one wins where it's the ABC producers in the the illegal streaming sites that win and nothing associated with Major League Baseball. So this makes no sense. And it's been a problem for years and years Hasn't been a problem for the Blue Jays but it's been a problem for other teams. I think there's a few locations in Iowa if you go there where four major league teams are blacked out. It's insane and all this is because Oh we want fans to go to the game instead of watching it on TV. Oh we want fan student. Subscribe to their local providers. Note you're just going to get young fans who are only watching this on TV. Who instead are going to realize they can do it for free illegally and it's so frustrating. Lots of things that frustrate me today. and yeah and we're all in the same boat there with you know. I'm sure none of us are GONNA lie. You know if you watch the game rather than you know going on sports than I think I think all of us know what I think. Any of you guys know you know. It's pretty straightforward answer. And it's pretty straightforward strategy and people aren't GonNa go out of their way like if you see the game is blocked out. I guarantee there's a good half of people that won't go out of their way to go on sports that now and watch the game you know they're going to put there is somewhere else you said. Rather than what else is on TV with cable or they're going to legal streaming sites. It's not like every single person's go out of their way to make sure they're a subscriber sportscenter now say they can watch the Jays because it only frustrates people with the market being blacked out and like I've said before I used to live in the Boston area. And when the bluejays were playing in Boston the Games who blocked out and I'll take full disclosure for this. Please no interest me but I would watch a legal streams of the games because when although I like obviously prefer to watch on. Mlb DOT COM. Because it's what first off it's better quality. It's obviously I'm already paying for it and I can't really watch these streams on my phone so am with MLB TV. I can so that's why I'd get AMMO. Btv But then. Like if I if the Games were blacked out. That's what I would turn to because as I said I don't have cable so again. Look you're losing so much money in so many fans and It's just so stupid to me anyways. We'll end there for today Thank you to everyone. Who.

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