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Hot panels like has like top panels and mirrors meant to reflect sunlight back onto the panels for extra. Solar power that like blind you when you walk by when you drive by there's a huge hill that someone's always broken down on because like their car couldn't go up The Hobbit Hill and it's also ugly as fuck off and there's like there's a scary casino with like it looks like a big barn and has roller coasters outside of it. Yeah, there was like inexplicable smoke coming from near that casino that my sister and I were trying to like figure out cuz when we were driving on our road trip back from like Colorado, we did drove through bar Stone did like the Vegas back to LA drive and we were just like what is happening out here and then we were stuck on the highway in like 45 minutes just like turtle speed traffic next to a huge semi truck transporting bees Creek. Why are there so many bees around and then we look to the right and there was a huge truck filled with bees fuck. It was really crazy Justice. Fully sitting on Brett's lap just as in like she's now she's like Charlie Mac. Yeah. She's she's in I wrote what if their bus broke down and they had like a Hills had a situation Heather would win she'd come out like Heather would go through like just another would win. Yeah. I don't I think Jess could cuz she's so athletic like they're deaf off the most athletic. I feel like Heather would like get an arm cut off and then have to like fashion on like a chainsaw arm like mad max-style or something or like put like a rash on her arm or like she would have to do some body modification or Heather which is used her arms like a sword Heather was hit people off her stump and not like taught like pound nails through her arm got cut off and then start like beating people with wait Heather's like hanging out with Taylor Armstrong. Heather's killing it down and like she's planning something that a cow. Yeah, John, Huntington Beach. Or wherever the hell she maybe I wrote know!! Brett has some staying at the Red Rock Casino. Like eighty miles away from the strep wage. I looked it up. It's like it's like a 20 minute drive from the Vegas Strip. Yeah, it's next like a pile of dirt. I was like, where is that? They showed like an establishing shot later in the episode of like what you see when you look out the windows of The Gorgeous Red Rock Casino, and it was just like dirt. Yeah. I've seen it Alexis bellino stay there from Real Housewives of OC with her husband, and it was like where the fuck is this place home where you want to end up and Bret Michaels goes they haven't seen Bret Michaels the Rockstar yet. I think they have they've seen enough one of those, you know shows you see ads for no idea of words. I feel like it's not even that I feel like it's like I'm not even in big enough of a space like there are maybe a hundred to three hundred people there. It's not Morongo. It's a no Murango. It's so Fergie. I saw Sergei in Atlantic City at the Borgata off your gay turkey. Sorry sir, Fergie in 2007 is literally the.

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