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On the Notre Dame radio. Quick out kids kids cross court it up. Lays it up, and it's great fast-break by the Irish got us down to five fifteen. Over the fourth three got it. Notre Dame's back to it in one at forty nine forty eight fourteen twenty seven remaining second half of. Here's the voice of Notre Dame basketball Jack Nolan. We are back at Madison Square Garden in New York, West Virginia and Florida warming up for the second game Irish drop it a tough one that I eighty five eighty Notre Dame did not make a field goal in the last two minutes at twenty five seconds of the game missing their last four shots. Here's a complete look at your final stats brought to you by xfinity star of the game. And again, we always name the Nissan Notre Dame player of the game. But the player of the game is Christian James some huge shots down the stretch game. High twenty five points ten of nineteen shooting three of eight for three mate, both of his free throws, ten rebounds, three assists. Good job by him. Aaron collects the five eleven grad student guard transfer from the university of Maine at twelve points made all five of his shots hit a couple of threes, three rebounds, four assists. I mean again. Oklahoma's veteran players stepped up and made the plays you need to to win a game. Like this James is a senior Callixte a graduate student. Reynolds who started in the place of Germany macneice, their starting center in a change the way they played from team that battled in the paint dominating in the paint to a team that became a perimeter team tonight in Oklahoma made the transition very well. Reynolds senior from Chicago transfer from Pacific at nine tonight, just two of nine shooting, but he had four rebounds, three assists. Christian Doolittle junior out of Edmond, Oklahoma, six points, three of five shooting with three rebounds. The vice MVP for Oklahoma. And the guy that changed the game. So we would do cO MVP's for them as well was Brady manic who came in at twenty eight percent for three point land hit his first five miss this last three, but those five prevented Notre Dame from retaking the lead in the second half and really broke Notre Dame's momentum when they made a couple of really impressive runs. Manic seventeen point six ten shooting five of eight from three with eight rebounds and an assist Christian, James and other senior who started from Houston. I'm sorry shot. Opium's another senior he didn't start. He's from comparis- cove, Texas, a six six guard average four point three points coming in only had a couple one of six shooting, but he has five rebounds, three assists. Matt Freeman junior six ten out of Auckland. New Zealand came in known as a good three point shooter. He was three of six from three at eleven points. Four total field goals with four rebounds. Matt laser became in late no stats Jamal the enemy. Played sixteen minutes only one of five shooting three points at the ball is hands a lot and had four assists hottest polo from Lahti Finland. Another six eleven guy ended up playing ten minutes in the absence of macneice. Gotta rebound took up some space. And that's what they needed him to do in the paint for the game, Oklahoma shot. Forty seven percent thirty two of sixty eight fifteen twenty nine from three though just under fifty two percent season-high fifteen threes. That's the huge difference. Six of eight from the free throw line. They out rebounded the Irish by one forty three forty one nineteen assists on those thirty two field goals twelve turnovers in the contest for the Irish Rex Plueger thirty three minutes, two points, one of six shooting missed all three of his threes did have six rebounds, six assists, any contained James in the first half. But could not shut down. Oklahoma's leading score the second half Prentice hub, thirty two minutes. Four points to. Nine shooting restall four of his threes. Couple of rebounds, three assists, one turnover deejay Harvey eleven points on four of eleven shooting missed all four of his threes. Three or four from the free throw line with three rebounds one assist. One turnover. Made some nice moves in the pain into the hoop could not knock down any threes. TJ Gibbs only six of sixteen shooting, but he was four of seven from three point land. And he really got aggressive going to the hoop and a number of occasions had a team high eighteen points for the Irish with three rebounds, three assists. No turnovers in thirty five minutes. John mooney. Great the first half fourth double double of the season, fifteen points, fourteen rebounds, the fourteen rebounds, a career high six of twelve shooting one of two from three they need inside. So he's not beyond the arc that much anymore. John Durham career-high fifteen seven of eight shooting at least half of those were difficult. Turnaround, follow as or falling away jump books. He also had three rebounds to go with three blocked shots in the game mate was seven point three six. Shooting one of three from three with five rebounds and fourteen minutes. Dan goodwin. Played twenty three minutes. Eight points to four shooting mate is only three point attempt three or four from the free throw line, five rebounds. No turnovers. Carmody played three minutes missed both of his shot, including one from three the Irish shot. Forty two percent for the game. Thirty one seventy four forty eight point five in the second half, sixteen of thirty three. After starting cold got a little hot from three early in the second half. They finished the game seven of twenty five from three four fourteen in the second half. And again the team struggling from the free throw line eleven of nineteen fifty eight percent eight of thirteen in the second half. Sixty two percent held their own the boards. Forty two to forty three four Oklahoma thirteen assists for the Irish on thirty one field goals, and they only turn the ball over four times. So the young teams not turning it over there. Just not getting into the offensive rhythm. They need to to be more productive on offense. And again going to make those free throws points off turnovers. Notre they want fifteen seven. Second chance points fourteen four Notre Dame and they went off rebounds twelve eight bench points, thirty sixteen Notre Dame points in the paint Forty-six twenty-six Notre Dame, and that was supposed to be the other way around coming again, Notre Dame planet Oklahoma team who lost their starting Senator injury who played a different game tonight and played it. Well, fast-break points twelve eleven Notre Dame. So they were running the hustle stats blocks four four Oklahoma three all by Durham for Notre Dame. Notre Dame at seven steals suggests three four Oklahoma game was tied wants Lee changed hands six times. I don't anybody. Let for two minutes and thirty seconds, Oklahoma, thirty four forty five so the keys Oklahoma's three point shooting in the contest with huge and Kristen James taking over down the stretch. They beat Notre Dame eighty five to eighty m waiting for. Mr. Hillis land to get back up here from way down there. And we will have that interview for you. When we come back. Also, we need to play you the? Delivery the game. Brought to you by UPS and neymar Notre Dame Nissan players at the game. But I this time out this is the Notre Dame basketball radio network. Fighting.

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