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Mercer island kid Jordan Morris had an assist on the winning goal happy to be back off the U. S. national team and playing in front of the raid green fancy away for a month or even longer and then for me I had a little injury before hand was out for for another month before that so it's been awhile since being back in you step out there it's pretty special Jordan Morrison Sounders FC or at home Wednesday night for a friendly against the German club Borussia Dortmund after dropping all three games in Anaheim over the weekend the mariners get a break tonight in their California Dreamin road trip Seattle plays the eighties in Oakland Tuesday and relief pitcher Sam to you via a lot like could be with them finally healthy enough to come off the sixty day injured list if there was ever a time for the mariner fans to get a little shot in the arm some juice is this week Edgar Martinez the hall of fame induction ceremony coming up Sunday in Cooperstown what you can't make the trip to New York state the team is going to host a T. mobile park viewing party if you'd like to get a ticket check out the mariners website sports update to ten forty after the hour bill Schwartz on the home of the Huskies komo news and companies time five eleven doctors say a fifty nine year old man and a seven year old boy are showing signs of improvement after a series of crashes in a neighborhood the crashes happened on Westray this in Seattle's magnolia neighborhood Sunday police say they believe the man driving the car was either drunk or high at the time witnesses say look Kwan graph witnesses like chronograph say he was driving down hill when he steered on to the sidewalk to pass a car and moments later the guy lost control hit a young boy who was walking with his mother and sister saw the car coming at them they tried to Dodge the car a little boy get out of the way so he was hit and ended up in like a fetal position at the bottom of the.

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