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Good all right detroit's favorite in this one but i'm gonna go with the lakers liquor like you said they've been a competitive team issues and you'll be able to pull it out there fourteen twenty four on the road pistons or twenty two and fourteen at home so i guess i'm kind of going against the grain year but i'm going with the lakers you got we'll stick with the california team i like lonzo seeing that that that team come up how far away ingram's come back from that injury but then also love the way that of the way that jewish reynolds playing right now he's gotten that that mentality like dream on green kind of film that young jay green attitude he's reckon league right now decisions to make in the offseason rows to be a free agent you wanna bring back you're gonna have to pay round you're not probably not gonna eat them a max still but you got to pay him this amount of money and with rental he knows it to lakers that we go after lebron paul george over we gotta pay julius randle and go after one of them i think if i think paul george stay away from that team to be honest i liking i like koussa rando i don't really see a fifth he will say politics to play the two not to case let's not to care all right you can't just throw player in their these positions we're moving towards position this basketball but the does matter bit so we both got the lakers got the nuggets versus the seventy sixers phillies at home twenty four and eleven at home the nuggets are thirteen and twenty three on the road all you make a pick i on this wolf i like denver i like denver team sixers kind of playing up right now because they got their forty win threshold but i think they're kind of do for a loss even on the road and it's kinda need that they need to keep playing they're pushing towards the playoffs or sitting right and i think in the ninety right now so they need to push and get those winds so i.

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