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The. Racist Noodle Gun. I kissed. China is responsible for all of this so did unheard I s doctors, and now calling for the Adam's apple and Achilles tendon to be renamed because of their clearly misogynistic nature. So little noodle gun for that rather the. The top ABC News Executive Barbara for diva. She is indeed out. She got kicked out. After probe into racist comments. then, of course we have at Henry. We all talked about him. Yes, the trader Joe's packaging petition is rather interesting. Classic this is yeah. I mean they there's different types of. Products that that they think are cultural appropriation, and or it's here. We go trader Ming's is used to brand the. Chinese food. Trader Ming Okay. We can't have that, so it is a Chinese noodle gun. Right off the bat. We nailed it. Arabian Joe! Middle Eastern. Food is not okay now, okay? And traitor! It's because there's nobody named Joe in the Middle East beside the point well, it's Arabian Joe. Trader Jose. For. And trade, Jato. And there's also the trader Joe San Jo- San for Japan. This is the a problem. It's all. Ball has to go. There's your noodle gun. Netting of the sort by the way we should note woody mean they've done nothing of the sort. Trader Joe's is refused. This I had a clip on a couple of shows ago. They refused. Trader Joe this is all started in the bay area by local girl. She's seventeen. And she. If I wish you could find the clip I have. The clip is the thirteenth second clip with possible. It's possible. Listen to it, trader Joe has died Joe. Colom was eighty-nine. He opened his. That's really. Shoot. US Very Oh. That's not the clip. No, no, it's like a few weeks ago, so the seventeen year old high schooler. was went into trader Joe's and she just got offended right, so she started a petition did stop this racist names? You know she kinda just complete. Far as I'm concerned, unemployable for the rest of her life, started a petition and got three thousand people sign. It became a big national news story. It. They're traders. Justice not done Jack, Shit. They're not GONNA do this. They said that they did they would I haven't heard that they did anything. The trader Joe's agrees watched to change. I'm pretty that they did I'm sure they buckled. Trader Joe's to change. Its name to. Trader Cowardly Eunuch now. That's not the story. There's the be. We got the be I was sure that he had said they would do it. Yes trader Joe's will eliminate ethnic product names here we go. They buckled to it. Yeah the two week old petition, only twenty five hundred signatures allows off five hundred. He asked the seventeen year old. There's your Brian Bedell. and Trader Joe's said Monday this past Monday decided to use only the trader Joe's name on IT products several years ago, since then it's been the process of up Oh foul week. Oh! We just hadn't gotten around to relabeling everything Oh my God. Oh, you've got noodle, Goo all over your face. We we decided we were already on board. We had the old products oh please. SLEAZY! Berman's. Actually. Yes all these. We have the voice actors. We've that steps could just continues. The LEGO helicopter kit was supposed to come out. Everyone's really excited about it. It's the the V twenty two osprey helicopter, which is a an Augusta Bell Agusta. Project to you know the one that has the CAN. It's a plane that can take off vertically like a helicopter, but. They've canceled it. Due to a pressure pressure. People wanted to love bricks hate. War is the group's website. Who went against this love? Bricks HEO video to see if we can see if the head. LEGO will release its new technique set. Bell Boeing twenty two Oz pray. For the first time in the company's history, it's going to a model of military in Chinese things me deployed here and you can't hear it at all reason legos cameras. Yes very low. It's a horrible story, but it's with a Chinese accent voiceover who knows the everywhere and he's supposed regular kicked out of this they must be. Would be. Idiots, Edmonton football team discontinued the use of the name Eskimos. The Edmonton Eskimos is no more. And a high on the cancel list. And it was this was very odd and I was kind of waiting for it to show up. I knew he had done this episode Rogan. Did an interview with the woman who wrote this book. Her name is Abigail Schreier. And the book is a reversible damage. The transgender craze seducing our daughters. Will you can only imagine that kicked up some shit. Of course now the JOE HAS A. As we say has sheep on dry land. He felt pretty bold. Every other podcast I understand in. In the La area rejected were afraid to have her on. Would not would not take her to discuss the book. And now men's health men's health. Joe Rogan spreading transphobic hate speech, and it's putting lives in danger. And I got those those editors that need to be fired. Yes, yes, and and I have to say I listened to the whole episode and we've talked about this phenomenon. In what she basically she said do not anti trans. She says of course some her best friends or trans obviously. She says there's an issue right now very similar to putting If you have one or two girls who are believed, make or anorexic, and you have a couple of girls in the group. They get this kind of..

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