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The interest of peace around the world well this is going to cause a disruption it may lead to everything but peace the palestinians now they're gonna they're going to get the upset they're going to lose all hope that a peace deal could ever occur it was thought east jerusalem could be the palestinian capital if ever a peace deal was brokered a now trump has just erased white that off the map or is it the art of the deal where at some point he attempts to broker that peace deal meaning that he's given them a really down around the hopes category but then he comes back in and brings that up by trying to broker a deal with netanyahu the israelis and the palestinians the problem in israel of brokering a peace deal is it's a democracy not like this as a republican they have to agree netanyahu can't broker a deal and then sell it and get it done inside the halls of congress like president trump can we'll get into the details of why this is such a big deal and does have significant implications to world peace that's coming up fbi's forrest gump the agent fired from the muller pro for sending anti trump text to his lover inter viewed mike flynn who's now pled guilty to lying before his guilty plea he also interviewed houma abbott in a top adviser the closest advisor to hillary clinton during the campaign cheryl mills the hillary clinton lawyer and this was all before hillary was cleared he was behind the fbi director james comey's use of the phrase extremely careless when he talked about hillary clinton's use of a private server instead of the phrase that colmey had intended to use grossly negligent grossly negligent is a felony and is punishable by jail time extremely careless isn't and that's the importance of this revelation about peter strasbourg he's a partisan agent was in the fbi questioning mike flynn before he was prosecuted and of course questioning the top clinton lawyer cheryl mills and whom adleman evident we've also got another muller deputy not one this is really getting deep sending anti trump messages deputy to special counsel robert muller emailed praised as sally yates then acting attorney general unabomber holdover the justice department leader who refused.

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