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Not struck in quite some time experts say it's bound to happen especially because the world is so much smaller in so many ways fighting ebola taught us a lot about catching containing and stopping these diseases but are we living the lessons we've learned we'll discuss it with read wilson author of the new book epidemic our conversations on tape but we love to hear from you comment on our facebook page or tweet us at one eight live from npr news in washington i'm shay stevens a search for survivors continues at the scene of the dentistry and bridge collapse at florida international university near miami four people were killed and several others were injured thursday when the span fell onto a major highway senator marco rubio who teaches at fau says the bridge was designed to connect the campus to the community ironically it's a project designed for safety we lost the student last year crossing that road behind us and it's also going to be a signature project one that people would identify with the school and with his community and one of its kind in terms of its engineering design movie oh says there will be an exhaustive review of the is that led to the tragedy democrats in congress claimed some white house and state department officials are trying to help conservative activists removed career employees who don't show enough loyalty to president trump npr's michelle kellerman reports the state department is looking into the matter the ranking democrat on the government oversight and foreign affairs committee say they've obtained extremely disturbing documents from a whistle blower they include emails from trump administration political appointees describing some career officials as quote a turncoat a troublemaker or associated with previous policy state department spokesperson heather nauert says that's not her impression they may not always like the policy that they are asked to advance on behalf of this administration and the american people but my personal experience has banned that people have done that and handled it and a very professional manner she says the department will respond to the letter from congress michelle kellerman npr news the state department the white house says president trump has been extremely tough on russia during his time in office comments from spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders thursday came from the us announced it was imposing sanctions on nineteen russians for alleged interference and the twenty sixteen election the broward county sheriff's office has released survey silence footage of.

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