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Any decision that was made was going to be fraught with You know anxiety either it's going to be too much. It's GonNa. Be Too little but I do think that was a respect for science and that drove a lot of the decision making. And especially understanding even the that even the science isn't perfect and in that, there is still a lot of unknowns but nonetheless, there was a respect for for the epidemiology. There was respect for what we understood in terms of public health and I think the leadership in our state. Not. Only did they make decisions around this but they also emphasized the importance for public health so that the individuals and the state, the residents of the Commonwealth, I, think also listened to the the Scientific Council and I do think that relative to other states we have done a much better job I think moving forward it's going to be interesting to see what happens and I think the challenge is going to be balancing. The public health will also trying to create a path forward knowing that this may be some time. All right. Let's go to the phones and this is a call in for you listeners what questions lingering or new do you have about the virus about how we're handling it about what comes next maybe about vaccines or how we what we know about infection now one, eight, hundred, four, two, three, eight, two, five, five, that's one eight, hundred, four to three talk. I'M GONNA turn to Nick from Jamaica Plain Nick you are on with the doctors..

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