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Weird back. That's why you still talk. Just don't see anything especially about Tom Brady or about air doll. Don't say anything about the great players because they feed on it. And you're gonna pay a price at some point. I don't think his remarks were misunderstood. He was not calling him the greatest quarterback of all time. Like he did today because if you've done that nobody would have cared. So by the way, did anybody in the past ever say something about twenty Sally that fired you up y'all? Yeah. One Jason Taylor is on our air. Wow. Yeah. You got to keep you guys apart outset. We're good friends. Now, that's good. Tell us the story was before Monday night game. He was talking trash in the media and the whole game. And I physically tried to kill him. It wasn't easy. Interestingly the teams come with a very clear set idea of what it is. They're going to do when they get here. Now, I don't know whether he was playing because our conversation with rob gronkowski was fun. But he said that the patriots had a surprise practice of sorts today that he didn't exceed coming. Normally they put in you know, the entire game plan and just kind of touch it up when they get to the Super Bowl site. So if they went out on the field somewhere in practice, it's not something that they've done in the past. I'd be surprised if they would do something out of the ordinary there L check doesn't do that. They did lose the Super Bowl last year. But Jesus Tom Brady threw for five hundred five yards. I don't think it was for a lack of preparation or executed. That's side of the ball. Anyway, we're going to find that out to coming up in and see what kind of changes have been made. And of course, it's going to be following things for us all week long as these teams break off into their individual groups begin practicing, and we will have updates coming for you each night here on the show stay on top of all the Super Bowl stories this week with Westwood One..

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