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Uh i there might be worth 20th up until you to be honest i as actually gone through we dr over under is a little yesterday also at i think it you know i could see them being 23rd 24th but i think i projected under the top defense it's as well this is our nationalisation derail your whole show i'm trying not because i do not how that says find those are just just let it roll we're let's who regimented on the but i think i think the iin someone's got score for this team and i think that's where john mitchell is you know as you can have brandon jennings fifteen twenty game brandon jennings shut thirty seven percent from the field and thirty seven percent from 3 me is the eric warden held like that cop frankly who with a nod argued clippers offense in his rookie year is a player link people forgotten house he actually shot brilliantly at forty six percent thirty nine percent from three that year um you know i is yoji males rookie emoji mayor of rookie year was nineteen points a game donoso both guys earth argentine people think to those guys to me are just in a different class as far as just third general of offensive feel than mitchell's out the mitchell is not a pure scorer who the way you on an out think has been coming up through the youth ranks and in college the way so i'm like oj may or or eric gordon is i don't quite soon that cutter i see him as more may be a guy where i think will be a very solid three in deep player on the wing and then you know whether he can add to that i don't think that that's quite natural for him really being like it a great score yet made me feel differently and may be shown differently is so far but i don't see him being able to be efficient at all uh it certainly not starting out that he can grow into that with this jazz vault in system but i don't expect him.

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