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Of people not even anything about who you are the person, 'cause they don't know you're just like an avatar on the screen. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. I think the the the biggest thing for me. And you look at go back to when danika Patrick came on the scene. You know NASCAR. It's a. Blamed NASCAR a little bit. It's they, they throw it at you constantly constantly constantly and, and circumstances, a little different between danika but, you know, we like we go back to the equipment side of things. And they're like, oh checkout. Wallace weekend next biggest thing coming up, and, and we run twenty fifth and then you go back next week. And hey, check out walls. You know, he's this isn't that run twentieth. And it's like okay. People want winners. You know, people, you know, you talk about somebody, you know, they're doing something big, not, not somebody this, and then and then that turns in all they're only doing it because he's black. And so it's like here we go. Now, you know it. So I kinda blamed NASCAR for, you know, it's like let me, let me create my own flame. You know, I don't need you guys to, you know ignite it for me. I can I can get it going. We're going to have some big moment. So it'd be interesting to see how it all, you know, shook out from from day one, if we didn't have that kind of. City. But then again, if we didn't would I be here today? So it's kind of a catch twenty two but but it's just a fine line at all. Yeah, I guess there's also kind of tricky for them, because it they are doing this in part because you're black, right. And they have diversity initiatives that they look they got brands on cars trying to sell stuff and they would've meaning eyeballs. Unless they don't wanna agree to. Bella yellow to get out here. They would have pitch this stuff. But I guess it does put you in a trick bag in that sense in that what people are assuming that ties into their politics everything else. Now, you become like the, the, the you're the object these things for them. Yeah. For sure and sit there and think about, I see, I see, you know, we have a the diversity side of, of motor sports is growing especially NASCAR, whether that's in the stands. You know, a part of the teams at three strikes, whatever it is. And I sit there and I'll see I'll show up to the track. And and, and you'll see some African American fans that are wearing chase Elliott t shirt or Jimmy Johnson t shirt and part of me is things like, okay, one does. I know I'm in do they care, right? Are they like this guy in any good? You know, it's like it's I wonder what they think. And and, and I sit there and wonder that a lot yesterday. I was driving down the highway. And I'll look over and I see. To after American girls in the car next to me, and I see an old. I actually were texting about earlier an old Clinton lawyer, t shirt. And I'm like. It was it was really awesome. I wouldn't even Cup series when he's run this car. And so it was.

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