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A small moment maximizing, you know, use the game of football. To create the network that you need for the next forty years. You know, it's it's it's so big an opportunity for these young people coming in, and and you know, and I want I don't want my guys to be defined by football. I want. I want them to be great men. You know that just oh. By the way, they're good football players to, you know, but, but they're they're they're going to be quit through their journey and through the experience of football to dominate in life man outside the months not just on a football field. And that's that's what I love about my guys in the guys that come here. So funny because you know, they they're also similar it doesn't matter where I go. And it's it's neat for me to to get to go. See my guys in December January that are coming in. And I can see clearly when I get to go see where they're coming from why they chose us. And you know, it's it's been awesome. We've got a great culture, and there's no perfect place. There's no utopia, but man, just just being committed to to love and you players and trying to do. Do the right things and helping them be successful, academically and athletically, that's what it's all about. My last question to you. We've been talking about usually, you know, it's Nick Sabin urban maya's name was in it. Now, obviously, I it's not too many people got two national championships on their resume. You'll wanted a very few people that have has achieved that now. So now, they're talking about dabbled Sweeney as arguably the greatest coach in college football with obviously more championships expected in the immediate future. How are you feeling about yourself right now, we feel about the program we now would you feel about your players? How are you feeling about you know, I'm just blessed? I mean, I'm just blessed, and there's so many there's a million better coaches to make. That's for sure there's a lotta great high school coaches in college coaches that have never get the opportunity to to win a national championship or coach at a place like Clemson. But you know, I'm just blessed, man. This was God's plan for me. And I'm so thankful I've had the opportunity. It's very clear to me to God order my steps over the last twenty five years of life, really all of my life. But in particular over the last twenty five years how he's orchestrated everything man. I'm just I'm just blessed and thankful and enjoying the jury, and I know that the best is yet to go. You know, we're we're enjoying it one day at a time. Coach I promise very last question. You've got a whole bunch of these NFL teams coming at the college coaches, it seems these days I know you ain't thinking about leaving now. But is it possible that the NFL could be your future one day, particularly of you, keep winning a couple of more national championships might get to a point where there's nothing else to approve on a collegiate level ever think about that. At all. I don't really think about be always with you. And there's been teams that have reached out. They were collie other colleges NFL teams over the last few years for sure, but you know, I love. Where am I love? What I do. I love my guys a little more staff, and you know, when you make decisions like that. You're not just impacting yourself, you're impacting a lot of people. And you know, I I always say never say never I think that's that's just kind of. 'cause I don't know where I'm going to be five years from now what my mindset would be do. My president of jerk is do my AB guy. That's miserable. I have no idea. What what what's down the road? So I never say never. But I'll I live in the moment, man. I love where I am who I work with..

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