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Sneezy for what we're about to talk to you already. Let's do it. Not grumpy. Yes. Yeah. I'm not sneezy. Well. Becky Lynn, Snow White. I don't know. I don't know. I'm not there yet. It's like a cruise ship in the sky. But is it worth maybe paying the extra money for? There's this new. There's a there's a firm that said we're going to redesign the way people fly we're gonna put sports bars dining booze wish shops. On a plane shops planes like a mall in the air. Like kiosks in the sky is on that was islands in the stream. Have that song either? Thank god. I only got. They say playing cabins will resemble a cross between a restaurant sports bar living room and a shop. If a certain British firm gets the go-ahead to design these planes, wouldn't you love to sit on this plane. What do you know that the histamine talking or what? No, no, this is. This is me not being able to imagine do you realize the size, the behemoth of a of something that has to get off the ground and get up to like thirty five thirty eight thousand feet. There's no way in a modern airport could accommodate that kind of that kind of bird. Okay. So you're talking about. I'm talking about just the physics of getting it off the ground. Let's say they get it off the ground in the actually come up with this plan. You don't want to be on it. Now. Now, are you talking about being seated or you talking about walking around in a sports bar and a plane because that scares the crap out I'm not gonna pretend that I'm Peavey mall, or whatever. And walk around going. Oh, we're fine. We're a little bit turbulence. No big. No, no. I would be sitting with my seatbelt. Strap firmly across my your lap my head from my lap. And I I would not want to get up and walk around. And if it's a sports bar on this plane, like go up to the bar stools, are you strap like, right? You have to point harness or if you're walking around the plane, or they're going to have like, you know, when you go on a train or light rail or I don't I don't know anything about. I know I've never go online. You have those bars or those strata held onto right? Would go on Phoenix light rail. You kidding me? Come on seeing. Now, this is an invention light rail hot garbage. This is something new a revolutionize way to travel dining boots shop sports bars. This is what I'm talking about. These would this. They said this would be for a flight like over ten to twelve hours wonderful. So if you're flying, let's say all. Australia or something. Long flight, right? But how how on earth are you going to afford this? How what is the ticket price on where you have shops and a sports bar and all this overhead. Alley and. Sandwiches. Fifty dollars a pop and an exercise station. See why why bother with that? Listen to this. In standard setup mode. It has two seats facing each other with a table in between perfect for meetings or cozy meal for two well that could be a private jet right there, hunting, Lido cunningly the table and seats can be folded away transforming the booth into a quiet place for yoga or prayer. That's not what's going to be used for, you know. Yeah. All right mile here in the second three word. This is where you ruin this now. All right. So I'm just telling you what the people are going to do. You've lost your mind. What is they're not gonna use it for yoga. Let me tell you yoga is fantastic. If it's please I've done it once once and you passed out, I did I passed out. It was hot yoga. And you doing it was hot garbage. Don't steal my lines. I'm just describing the way it was. So if you if if this was affordable, and it was a ten hour flight, and you could get it for. Let's say you're flying here to London, right? Same as British Airways. You wouldn't do it? Yeah. I would if I could afford it. I mean, I can't imagine. What the what the cost of the ticket would be. Okay. I I don't know either. But I can't just do it for one percenters. They I, but there may be enough one percenters who could afford the Concorde Concorde was for one percenters. Right. But then it went away because the overhead was just too much. Are you leaking out of your left nostril? I know what I'm doing. She's would you get a lot. Don't you? Go have a snack get up. Why don't you get a blanket and put it hundred hibernate cheese? All right. We'll continue along if we can. Yeah. Coming up next. You will never guess ever ever. Never ever never what the number one cause of death is at the Grand Canyon. You're also breathing. Heavy D-Notice that I. Hi aback. I don't like that. Peewee herman. Drive home, informed and entertained with MAC and Gaydos, two to six PM on KTAR news ninety two three FM. Get some perspective with Bruce and Pamela. Arizona's no promo homo law has been on the books for decades well room. Because the legislature repealed it and governor got rid of it. So what does this mean for HIV and aids instruction in the classroom?.

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