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You have enough money to last for your entire retirement all this is an eight hundred dollar value and it's yours free if you call triple eight plan wreck before ten PM tonight that's triple eight plan wreck this is I heart radio station K. away news radio eight fifty eight AM and ninety four one FM the fifty thousand watt blowtorch of the rocky mountain west news radio time is eleven o'clock I'd have watered our top story Denver's mayor takes the oath of office again as some try to shout him down details coming up first traffic and weather together with Morgan usual slowdowns usual spot would north on a twenty five Alameda Colfax earlier crash at six Avenue adding to that they got that out of the way but still the crowded through their westbound across the elevated portion of I. seventy pretty crowded gives Seinfeld around it was time to step across numbers thirty about pain to Boulevard started to do its thing they're slow between tower and fifty six road work going on there just east of I twenty five on him did a monocle was bound delays there is a road work and that road work continues on east bound thirty six you have these bound shut down there taking off and what's worth westbound lanes up to speed right now this report sponsored by express pros dot com express employment professionals is thank you workers in a big way this August expresses awarded one thousand dollar cash prizes weekly and she has to win a ten thousand dollar vacation register on the express jobs up or express pros dot com expressed nose jobs get to know express I read more going on Kayley newsradio Colorado's news traffic and weather space scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms in the cards for today locally heavy rain possible high between ninety three and ninety five tonight down to about sixty five degrees.

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