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This is the Andrew Klavan show. SHAPE SEE Thompson. He's. So wonderful. All right last day of the week here so you wanNA suck up all the Cleveland goodness. You possibly can and way to do that is to subscribe to the Youtube Channel Andrew Klavan. We are watching. We've got our eyes on. You were watching your comments. Here is one from Richard Lander man. He said knowing that Knowles is catching up on subscriptions and that was happening. You Know Knowles is. He'll stoop to anything. He's using Russian botts. He's using Chinese spies or you know you WANNA get some good American, solid subscriptions and other countries as well as long as they're real people. People or can pretend to be real people. You should subscribe rigid, lend him, and says knowing that Knowles is catching up. I'm going to have my wife. Subscribe to your channel. I'm also making an account for my mother-in-law. Who Doesn't use you? Booker, face or whatever that stuff y'all kids mess around with these days on your Nintendo's and walnuts is called well. Thank you very much, and we will be watching for those of you know. It's one thing to help me. which is a good thing. We want to save the Klavan. But of course attacking knowles just adds to your prestige. Believe that we are witnessing dangerous situation right now, and we're going to call it. Stockholm. Syndrome America I'm sure you've all heard of the Stockholm Syndrome. It was named after nineteen seventy-three three bank robbery Stockholm four people were taken hostage, and when they were released, they refuse to testify against the robbers who taken them? Hostages Developed feelings of affection for them, and started to see things from their point of view I've seen this myself battered wives who start to see things from their husbands, point of view and lose the awareness that they're being seriously mistreated, and they don't deserve it for the. The last three months or so we've been helped. We've been held hostage. We now know that the hysterical fear expressed about the spread of the Chinese. Flu was fake just like the hysterical reaction against Brett. Cavanaugh was fake. We know the cavenaugh hysteria was fake because Terry's accusations against Joe Biden were ignored and we know the flu hysteria was fake. Because now, the Democrats feel riots will be more useful to them. Then lockdown suddenly social distancing in the rest. Don't matter a damn, so we've been held hostage by the left and were being held hostage now, hostage, the violence, riots and threats. Now drew brees conservative Christian quarterback to apologize because he opposes disrespecting the Flag James Mattis the former defense secretary says trump is terrible, because after Democrats have done everything to divide us for the last sixty years. Trump hasn't pretended to try to unite us, and we're hearing that problems among black Americans can be solved by weight whites, making soppy apologies including kneeling to people, which is disgusting by the way I spit on anyone who kneels to another human being or expects to be Neil to none of that is going to help our black neighbors. I acknowledged the problem. Problem of good people being harassed by the police on how you knowledge that they're bad cops, but no I have no feelings of sympathy for Democrats and the media who have abused me and held me hostage, either with lockdowns or riots, and do not think leftists who have done nothing, but make black lives worse for over fifty years. I do not believe they have anything to say to me about what should happen next. We've had more than fifty years of leftist policies in our cities. It's time to let those hostages go as well all right I know you. You guys are all lockdown and suddenly thinking. Hey, you know. I think maybe there's something I have to take care of like..

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