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Now we're heading to Belgium where in the city of Antwerp, a new design collection apart launches later this week. 20 unique products, the outcome of collaborations between designers and creative talent will be available to purchase at a range of the city's bricks and mortar retailers. The Belgian based artist and musician baloji curated the lineup and paired the likes of fashion designers raf simons and Walter Van Buren dong with makers from the art music film and retail sectors. As well as establish artists, emerging designers also featured on the roster. We spoke to the project curator baloji to find out how he approached the curation. As a creator of my job was suggesting some different types of creatives to work with the designers and to have an idea of what type of item we could come up with. I think one of the first ones that I worked on was, for example, Walter von bell don't to make as you know, it's a legendary designer for mantra. It's been working for more than 40 years in fashion and is a well established extremely avant garde designer. And I thought it was interesting to make in collaborate with the photographer Muslim Rabat. American photo was working on a very abstract photography that involved mask, mask is also very important in the work of Walter. So I thought these two could be a perfect match to create something exclusive for this project for example. I wanted to have on an equal level to have male and female designer. So that was a very important expect. What's very important to have some cloud that's questioned the ability of the production process. And also wanted to have some very I want to say the word iconic and I should stick with it. Personality, I really describe as a CDO fashion as somebody like rap Simon is really identified to Antwerp. I think the shop is really something that is really the city of entrepreneur and the memory that work on that part, Flanders, D.C., to make sure that they have shops close to the museum, all shops are very meaningful in terms of their approach on fashion and access to fashion designer brands. For the young designer, I think it's very interesting for them to become fronted to the market. The shop retailer with this different dynamics, which still be different, and I think for names like this one that have Siemens. It's just more to challenge themselves to create something that is different for what they normally do in terms of creation. So they work with different people, different environments..

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