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And attorneys for Briana Taylor are calling on Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to release the transcript of the grand jury proceedings in the police shooting that led to Taylor's death Attorney Ben Crump, Brianna's Taylor entire family. Is heartbroken. Devastated and outraged. And confused and be with just like all of us. As to what their Kentucky attorney General Daniel Cameron, present to the grand jury. No police officers were directly charged in Briana Taylor's death. Louisville. Police say a second night of protests ended with looting once the protest activity concluded for the evening. Officers addressed several incidents of looting at various locations throughout the city. We responded to 15 burglaries and one holdup of the business. Interim Police Chief Robert Schroeder says a majority of the burglaries involved multiple suspects. Two dozen people were arrested during the protests, including state representative Atticus Scott, who is facing a felony rioting charge. Scott calls the charge frivolous and trumped up. She was released from jail this morning. Students in Kentucky's largest school district will continue learning from home. Jefferson County public School Superintendent Dr Marty Polio I will be proposing that we continue in T I until late October. Now I'm not saying six weeks at this time because I want to give the opportunity for us to be flexible and get back to school as quickly as we can. Polio, says the district remains in the orange category for Koba 19 cases. Once data improves, he says, schools would stagger their returned to classrooms with elementary school students going back first on October 22nd. Middle school students would return on October 29th at high schools on November 2nd Folio will make his recommendation to the J. C. P s board at its meeting next week. Two officials air facing criminal charges for their roles and a corona virus outbreak at a home for veterans in Massachusetts. At least 76 elderly veterans died of Corona virus at Holyoke Soldier's home, where the former superintendent Bennett Walsh and former medical director Dr David Clinton now face multiple counts of neglect and recklessly causing bodily injury alleging that Walsh and Clinton were ultimately responsible for a decision. On March 27th that led to tragic and deadly results. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said that decision consolidated to dementia units into one putting symptomatic residents in close contact with a symptomatic residents. Aaron Carter SKI ABC NEWS New YORK Late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the first woman and the first Jewish person Alliance state at the U. S. Capitol. She lied in ST briefly this morning after lying in repose at the Supreme Court earlier this week, Ginsberg will be buried in a private ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery next week. Yet another racial stereotype in the grocery aisle will soon be gone beyond chief food says it will remove the image of a black chef on packages of it's cream of wheat breakfast brand. The image, which some find offensive is based upon actual Chicago chef named Frank White. Earlier this week, the Mars company said it will change the name and branding of its uncle Ben's rice products. In June, Quaker Oats announced name and branding changes to its answer, Mama Pancake mixes and syrup. That's correspondent Jim Crow. More news coming up in 30 minutes. I'm pole Miles news radio 8 40. All right, Pablo. Thanks to tell another thing here, one of our B 50 two's An airforce nuclear capable aircraft did send out a distress signal today over flying over England. That could be a.

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