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And why this might nariobi moment their the bodies bodies gary okay the right now i am five and a half of them the next year michael bolton i have a few people that i have been irrational obsession with michael bolton's what started i think because of his on ac and we'd be lovers afghan afghan upi i know my guilty pleasures countdown it's just such an absurd song that i energy bank so hard that i just i just have to regret bolted like if for no other reason i half the rent michael bolton blackly bula other people i have in a obsession with might might it might athlete that i most that are most obsessed with her some reason dante bichette okay i have no i could not tell you one reason why the timetable judges always sticks in my head ages you can say the name to save name and i fucking laugh out loud dante bichette michael bolton and the third gerard depardieu i e eh i have one actor one singer one athlete by actor is gerard depardieu i i luck in love the guy specially now he kinda like bolted he's made a comeback georgia purdue is that like the world cup last year whenever less rucking world cup was did he like renounce rant yeah yeah he was he was a free agent for a while and and putin wanted to sign him i think he ended up signing with russia signed with putin vinik putin that that was a fucking steel that was a savvy move by by putin he knows c putin knows what's up i'll tell you right now if michael bolton were dante bichette wherever to renounce their there i don't even know him i've i'm assuming market bolton's canadian a he does feel very could yet doesn't have you seen his commercials recently and the i am.

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