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Welcome to the show prodi very he's written a book called my connie and it really truly is a love story it knocked my socks off hearing all about it hearing about how they met what happened prodi background except tre prodi very thank you so much for joining us here on america tonight ranked thank you very much whatever kind economic you is my on out in awe better you'll have killed i make who have been on your on your show so tell us about connie and how you decided to write a book about connie how did you meet air on area market and good morning america get on medical kept on every day miami eat all i am connector that i bought them my ball now and van quantity of our bonn bought her dollar dip predicted in maybe in my life puppy quota better he could be i'll give you better to a different outcome adopted in my life um my my my trouble avenue conducting gusty imagine gotten their quantity of oddball now in america and glenview in they have undergone at ironic bonded and now in india and the death penalty an opera back about cuba lovely guy in all of privacy body at tampa bay the ornate appropriate bet that iraq to monaco order ander my brother bought the night marked order that my mother died at opera back on my part of the married hottie younger required by tech in my bow door diet up her fiveyear term a after having a guy guy my cut in ottawa by in all i demand what are deputy rhetoric at ballard leotard on my part about america got pardon but carter wipe out tight and if he really camera leica prompting guy what maybe it go out better at that came in my labour kickoff theology about might that my better amber here he that to accept man at my about it all at orly and he added again i don't care about it on her two eight by cutting off but my fifth karadzic adopted it up i am i am at up family am i am i paid boat people on i kept it better and then finally my grandfather by may a lot of put up a copy very wealthy man and in court if you're done and they about it i it all i.

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