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Of three students last night, a UVA undergrad is in custody, accused of shooting and killing three cavalier football players late last night, and injuring two others at a campus parking garage, actually inside a bus inside that garage. We learned of the arrest during a dramatic moment in a news briefing that aired earlier today on our team coverage begins with WTO's Luke luker to in Charlottesville. We just received information the suspect is in custody. UVA police chief Tim Longo received ward that Christopher Darnell Jones was arrested in the middle of a press conference. They had been looking for him for over 12 hours. Most of that time university students sheltered in place at around ten 30 last night shots were fired on a bus that had just returned to the grounds from a play in D.C. to people were wounded in three killed. They were Devin Chandler, lavelle Davis, and Desean Perry. University president Jim Ryan has classes in the men's basketball game have been canceled. This is an extraordinarily difficult day for our community. And we need to comfort and support each other and those closest to the victims. In Charlottesville, Luke Luke or WTO penus. The White House says the first couple is in mourning with the University of Virginia community. WTO's Dave Preston details the lives of the three players who had dreams of starring in the blue and orange. Junior was a third year student from Georgia's South Carolina enrolled in the college of arts and sciences, the 6 foot 7 wide receiver started 6 of the team's first 7 games this fall before missing the last two due to injury, deshaun Perry was a third year student from Miami, Florida, majoring in studio art, Perry returned an interception 90 yards for a touchdown against Abilene Christian two years ago, the return was replayed nonstop on ESPN's SportsCenter. Devin Chandler was a third year student enrolled in the college of arts and sciences, the wide receiver from Huntersville, North Carolina, transferred to the ACC school from the university of Wisconsin last off season. Dave Preston WTO news. Meantime, a deadly tragedy in another college town for university of Idaho students are found dead near campus. Officials say the four students were found Sunday afternoon in an off campus home near the school when police responded to reports of an unconscious person. They're labeling the death as suspected homicides. The department is giving little information and says the investigation is ongoing. The university of Idaho says it canceled classes today out of respect for the students after the bodies were found. The school had advised students to shelter in place until investigators determined there was no active threat to others. I'm Julie Walker. President Biden's student debt forgiveness plan remains on hold after an appeals court ruling, the 8th U.S. circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis agreed to halt the plan while it's being appealed, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, and South Carolina are all trying to block the plan, those states argue that forgiveness plan will cause serious harm to their economies and their state's higher education funding. This latest ruling comes days after a federal judge in Texas blocked the program saying it usurped the power of Congress to make laws. It is likely that the Biden administration will appeal this latest ruling as it did with the Texas ruling. For ten years straight enrollment in D.C. schools increased until the pandemic reversed the trend, and now enrollment is rising again. D.C.'s office of the state superintendent of education has been crunching the numbers. And our early look at this data is very encouraging for our public school system. That's because D.C. mayor muriel Bowser says it appears that for the 2022 2023 school year just over 50,000 students are enrolled in schools. That's only about 800 student shivers record high scene for the 2019 2020 school year. We are particularly proud that families are choosing to send their kids to our public schools. Grade levels that some of the biggest growth, pre-K 9th and tenth grade. Mike Morello, WTO P news. Google is paying up big time over accusations that it tracked people through their devices. CBS News reporter Matt piper tells us it's the largest multi state settlement regarding privacy in U.S. history. Google will pay 40 states $392 million over an investigation into how attract users locations, even if location tracking was turned off. Connecticut attorney general William Tong says Americans are being tracked every minute of every day. Precise location information in the wrong hands is very dangerous. Knowing where people are, where they can be found in the hands of bad actors can put people at risk. Location tracking can help tech companies sell digital ads to marketers. For its part, Google says it fixed the problem years

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