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Call Linda or Matt for rental info 630355. 809 for John Drummond. Do you have any story? Did you? Were you listening? Did you hear that? You won a prize today. Jen. How do I write? And you also mentioned whether I knew Morgan Freeman. That was several questions weren't asked tonight that didn't Interview with anything like that, But I appeared in a film with him called Chain Reaction, which was shot here in Chicago. Back in 1997. You're kidding with someone was really unfortunate. I didn't have the male lead you think? But I didn't. I was noting the quarter in the method. The real star. How many movies Aaron? I thought you were just in the fugitive. No, I've been until a total of well, actually, four. But when I think that that has never have been released, But under that we've been in 33 that made they made the air so to speak. Were you typecasting? Quarter and all of them were did you show? They should have been the league. But first of all, I didn't do it. It would not do any nude scenes. Of course. So they had me do a god for that. OK, well, now, so did you talk to Morgan Freeman at all? Just briefly. One time there. We did not know We didn't have to break bread or anything that one of the days on the city became ill. So we didn't shoot anything. And they shot it in Chicago in a pin lake Geneva What year was that? 1919 97 97. Very cool. So John, would that Morgan Freeman has been your pick? Martin was that Morgan Freeman Been your pick in the You know, in the draft, we had the least metal top century. Would you have picked Morgan Freeman much? I can honestly say unnecessarily. I would have a good act. Very talented actor. There's no question. Okay. Well, it'll be coming in the mail to you with the next time I send you something, right? Yeah. Maybe I'll put some confetti in there too. Or something. Just okay. Now, who were you originally going to talk about this week? Well, what we plan to do, But the L come on commandant. Who, of course, is Tom Morgan, he ordered suggested strongly suggested that we do something about Dick Tracy. No, that's that is a trip down Memory lane That doesn't go into sports, but it still isn't interested. Collectible show. It's fairly interesting. I interviewed Chester Gould at his home in Woodstock, Illinois. Back around 1970 71. As do a story on it. Of course, at that time the script was still going very strong. It started back in 1931 and not everybody today remembers much of it is still going on today, of course in the Tribune, but there's not as many newspapers Carry it is they did because they're not that many newspapers, But at one time it was the number one strip in the country headed Buck Rogers headed tars and head of open Annie and Moon. Mullins and all of those it was dine at one of the reason was, he has such great characters and their his robes. Like flattop, the prune face Ah, the keys, the blank and so on and the brow and so on and so forth, And.

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