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No, I'll do it here. We're dolts. Right. There's somebody who went to school. And got a bachelor's degree in math in the analyst, physics engineer, whatever. And they went maybe got a masters degree, and maybe they win and got a PHD and they reached the height of their profession. And you know what that person's doing right now that person's in a laboratory of so corporation every day, trying to figure out how to make that tampon even more absorbent? Daddy, daddy, daddy is all that work and study that he did. That's what that person is doing right now. Somebody over there right now is trying to figure out how to make their BanDai stick to your skin, but not hurt when you pull it off. That's what he does era. You give me some allergy medicine, that don't make me sleepy. Yes, yes, these people are doing I assure you some of it would much rather be working for NBA team. Even if it means less money to. Yes. Yes. France about at the bar, and they think it's cool. Yeah, that's super cool. We got this one, one of them engineer, like in the Chinese media, and see where Silicon Valley if he's like, literally one of the lab, coats and test tubes. And you know where her nice doing media at or because it's cool is way, cooler than that picture you on the Brochu or the pharmaceutical with the lab coat. And, you know, squeeze the used to like. It's cool to be around be around. There's no question. They take that heartbeat right, Dave avid. Like that is about man, Marcus Thompson. Check out his books golden book on Steph curry, and Katie a book on Kevin Durant. Whereas athletic, check him out over there. Also, and is an alumnus of Clark, Atlanta university, we will find a way or we will make one vote. There we go bed. I appreciated you have a good one. Thank you. Appreciate it reserved. Laserjet. Thanks for joining us here on the right time. Do this thing. Couple times week, McMahon gave Bassein handles everything behind the scenes. Thank you, sir.

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