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Remember the thing that I did that made Lolo and Natalie mad at me in the first place and say that I'm a terrible person. Which was that? I wanted to use the veto, and I had too many ideas. And I wanted to get Ricky out. I'm thinking. Let me say that again that if I do that again this time it'll work in the love me for it. What What is time? is time? But this time it doesn't involve them being on the block and me playing around but their lives in the games, like it's just, you know, little chess pieces, but but is what is what is. When I tweeted yesterday that I was like, maybe is it possible that with only a few days left in Tom maybe not so high and his chances of winning. He's literally just trying to make the most exciting television by saying, well, let me make a big move at the veto ceremony. And I'll take Natalie off the block and nobody you'll see coming, and then I'll put up some like, I feel like that might be just what he's going this point. Because this can't he's not stupid. He's not he's not a stupid person. He's a smart guy. And he's genuinely believing that that there's a chance that Natalie and Lola will wanna work with the next week. I don't get it. I think I think you're correct. And he's later going to talk about this in in those terms, I think he is trying to make good TV and at the same time. He's trying to. He's trying to make sure that he doesn't come away from this show as the threatening guy. He wants the women to to stop hating him. And he's willing to do whatever it takes to get them back in. And he he previously thought that like, okay. I'll just do whatever they want. Remember previous to the women yelling at him. He was like I'll vote out Joey for them. I'll do what I won't do the Ricky plan. I'll get Joey out healed. I'll do whatever they want. And that did not work. They still screamed at him. And he was like, okay. That's not working. So now, he's he's he's convinced that it's all Ricky he thinks. Okay. I just need to do everything in my power to get Ricky out of the house, then they won't hate me anymore, and I can make good TV. We'll I'd do it. And do something that's going to surprise everyone. And they'll be so surprised they'll be like, oh, Tom. We didn't even realize that you were so good and not terrible and evil like he's he's trying. He's trying very. Hard to to make this happen. And it's just not going to happen because he doesn't see that Ricky is not the source of all of his problems. He just thinks he is because Ricky was the only one to to show that he didn't like Tom previous to every everything that happened. But really the women never liked Tom even when they started working with him. They were like, we're just this is just a temporary thing, you know, Kato and Tom are fine. They didn't even like Tom that much. They were like kind of like Kato, but Tom and whatever the the alliance the idea of team fund has been Tom's all along was originally, just let's promise them safety. They promised us safety going into the week of the HOA chapter. Ryan locked these H. So they were just trying to keep each other safe. And then, you know, Tom started the whole let's call each other team fun thing. We'll get Ricky involved, and you know, not only said all along. I don't really like Tom Lolo is the one who voted for him in the first place. But this has not been a stable connection the entire season. And I guess Tom's hoping you know in the final hours of the season. Maybe he can. Of course. Correct. And make this all better. But it's coming at the cost of poor candy who just finally started to see the light of day. Finally started to play the game. Finally, saw maybe I have a partner here who could win competitions and helped me get farther. And now, she's like smacking your head against the wall. Trying to talk any common into them. Yes. Candy's trying to tell Tom look Natalie is the biggest threat stop being stupid. We not to get Natalie out. She's more likely to win next week..

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