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Jason Scott in for Greg and Brooke good afternoon. Top stories at two twenty I can't county man is dead. After contracting West Nile virus he's the second person lose their life, from the illness last week, the Michigan department of health confirming seven other human cases of West Nile virus. In the state of Michigan President Trump announcing. A trade understanding with Mexico he intends as a successor to NAFTA Bill Reinsch with the center for strategic and international studies says the important issue now is whether or not. Canada comes, into the deal I gather they've been keeping in touch with. Mexicans all the way along so I don't think anything was. Agreed to will be surprised. They have some bilateral issues. The biggest one is dairy so there are things to be worked out there not just gonna. Show up tomorrow and sign there needs to. Be, a negotiation with them now the deal has yet, to be approved by congress will have more in a live update from. CBS news at two thirty one Meantime the Republicans and Democrats. Running for state offices in November are companion campaigning throughout the state, today Republican attorney general candidate, Tom Leonard says he's not worried about the ballot issues I'm most concerned about. Taking my message to the voters a message. That's going to you know focused the attorney general's office on violent crime in Aruba law attorney general focusing on human trafficking Leonard says if the marijuana issue is approved he. Would make, certain it would be upheld even though he personally opposes it. He faces democrat Dana Nessel this fall now he may have. Lost his bid for governor. But he says he may. Be running for mayor of Detroit more on that with w w j Lansing bureau chief Tim's. Kubeck Cherie Tannen Dr finished first in Detroit. In his race for governor so what he considered given that a possible bid for mayor of Detroit here's the question and the. Answer Mirror of. Detroit and that's. The sedation that came in and when that was suggested, you said to yourself I wanna give, myself a few months. Do you think, you could meet a Mike Duggan I. Haven't thought that far district tannin Dr he's interviewed on, off the record reporting from Lansing w, w..

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