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Off the outside corner down around the the cubs have chide that game with Oakland it's not comes to athletics to going to the seventh inning Kyle Hendricks back to the mound for the cubs in that one he is a stretch to may not nobody out nothing nothing score there is a cut her off the outside in loans join one Texas beat the red hot Cleveland Indians one to nothing back of Mike miners turned into an ace for them his tenth win of the year the clerk got to save red lead the angel seventy two in Cincinnati top of the ninth there now this ranch the two and one pitch swinging in a foul coming back to our right into the second deck two balls and two strikes the brewers we mentioned had link to their lead over the pirates to eighty three but now the pirates is scored three in the last of the eight that it's now eight to six a three run double by Kevin Newman and they're still battling Josh hater has come in for the bull pen for the brewers two two pitch does your takes loan outside with a cutter and the margin is just having a terrible time and it's very rare for him the strike zone has been elusive for him coming into this game some margin averaging just a little over two walks per nine innings he sad to walks to two hitters in this inning and now has a full count to thirty does your we'll keep an eye on the runners too much with the spin move but Soto goes back to second he wasn't going anywhere nothing to nothing the nationals threatening here in the second purchase suki is on deck Crawford shaded into the hole it short the second baseman genet well over almost up the middle Samaja ready holding runners do not go the pitches swung not in it high in the air a pop up third baseman Saddam drifting down the line the infield fly rule is in effect now Pablo.

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