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Is eighty nine degrees at five o'clock good evening I'm David Jennings of the news sponsored buying cars for kids Jack in the traffic on the expressway isn't always there are no major delays to speak up on the weather front there is a significant weather advisory right now for central cook county until five thirty strong thunderstorms over brook field and heading to the northeast at about thirty miles an hour there could be winds in that particular storm of up to forty five miles an hour checking the rest of the forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center here is meteorologist Mike Cameron act for mix of sun and clouds today warm and muggy with some afternoon thunderstorms developing the B. scattered about the area high of ninety one southwest winds of ten to twenty miles per hour scattered thunderstorms tonight low sixty nine for tomorrow Sunday leftover shower or two otherwise partly sunny and dry high of eighty seven Monday partly sunny warm humid scattered afternoon storms once again high around ninety degrees on Tuesday partly sunny not as warm high of eighty five and on Wednesday partly cloudy high seventy nine from the WGN weather center my camera was department of public health says the state picked up six hundred and thirty four new covert nineteen cases since yesterday and forty five more people lost their lives to the disease it raises the total cases statewide two hundred and six thirty hundred and thirty six thousand one hundred plus and sixty six hundred and twenty five deaths since the beginning of the pandemic also almost twenty six thousand new Colbert nineteen tests have been run since Friday white prison inmates across Illinois are getting their sentences shortened during the corona virus pandemic at a higher rate than black inmates an analysis of public data by the prison reform group restore justice shows about thirty four hundred people were released early from Illinois prisons between March first and June fourth forty six percent of inmates released early were black even though black inmates make up fifty four percent of the state prison population meanwhile forty three percent of inmates who were released early were white even the whites make up about thirty two percent of the prison population the Illinois department of corrections did not immediately respond to questions from the Associated Press about the racial disparities podcaster WGN news last week the first year report card was issued on.

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