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Welcome back to another episode of innovation rising presented by health box upon caster we examined the intersection of innovation healthcare from variety of viewpoints in interview the leaders who are move air industry forward i'm your host chuck feerick and this week i'm joined by sam belgian bomb for the last partner series on the use of ai and healthcare and this episode recover how dr belgiumbound named the decision to pursue medicine over computer science now he then eventually a blended the to how the universe in chicago medicine is working with google to improve healthcare and what led doctor about trump to start his own company litmus health make sure to connect with health box by visiting our website and blog and following us on twitter outboxed and send me your questions at chuck feerick now let's going joys episode with active ouch amount effort hi there and welcome absurd episode of innovation rising presented by health bucks i'm your host chuck feerick and i'd like to introduce one of the new members of the health box team jessica he's going to be joining me for this podcast and our guest today is dr sam belgiumbound associate professor of pediatric associate chief research informatics officer and director for the center of research and information at university chicago medicine dr voucher mom is an expert in pediatric cancers and blood disorders and he has a special interest in shooting children with neuroblastoma a tumor of the sympathetic nervous system in addition to caring for patients dr belgiumbound studies ways to harness computers to enable research and foster innovation using large data sets he directs the development of intern of international neuroblastoma risk group database project which connects international patient data with external information such as genomic data and tissue availability the center he runs provides computational support for the biological sciences division at the.

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