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How it felt when you finally got the vaccine, the director of the CDC says the seven day average of covert cases has dropped 12% hospitalizations and deaths have declined as well. Jessica Rosenthal, Fox News and federal judge says federal law doesn't allow the CDC to legally imposed a moratorium on evictions aimed at helping renters struggling through the pandemic. Moratorium is scheduled to expire at the end of June after being extended, but the judge's ruling today is to vacate it. There's no immediate word of any appeal. Facebook's decision to ban President Trump after the Capitol Hill riot is upheld by the company's oversight board. But the ruling also disagrees with the indefinite suspension, calling it arbitrary and suggesting a suspension limit or a permanent ban is needed. Anyone who's concerned about Facebook's excessive concentration of power should welcome the oversight board. Larry telling Facebook that they cannot invent new on written rules when it suits them. Board member Hella Thorning Schmidt says Facebook should also publish a full report on its potential contribution to the tensions that led to the Capitol attack. Meantime, former president Trump calls social media companies corrupt and says they must pay a political price. America is listening to Fox News Network on Stop Peterson, the defense attorney for ex Minneapolis police officer Derek Shobin, is asking for a new trial. Lawyer, Erik Nelson cited prosecutorial and judicial misconduct as two of the reasons and emotion filed Tuesday. Nelson has also requesting a hearing to impeach the verdict, based on the grounds that the jury committed misconduct felt threatened or intimidated. Felt race based pressure during the proceedings and failed to adhere to instructions during deliberations. A spokesman for Attorney General Keith Ellison's office says the court has already rejected many of these arguments and the state will vigorously oppose them. Governor Tim Walz says he hopes to announce tomorrow relaxed covert restrictions in Minnesota. Thursday's announcement should.

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