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Questionable behavior. Podcast this is your host edison. Please don't forget to follow us on instagram at the underscore q. Pc also follow us on all podcasts apps and subscribe to youtube google on questionable behavior and follow. Subscribe anywhere you can. That's how we make our. We have a very special episode today. We are at duo cafe in new york city. This is the first albanian restaurant in manhattan. I'm all bainian as you guys know. And i have a very special guest here as well. Who is actually has done very big things in the united states since he's came around the same time as during the nineteen ninety nine war in kosovo so no the u How our hair stylist. Makeup artist specialistic. Meeks milan Lying there in films. So i'm dealing here in new york with the full reproductions freelance and then. I'm a special makeup artist for effects right for the can movie so in two thousand six thousand seven. I was working at the international airport in minneapolis meeting so many celebrity people from loose lesson. And that's starting your hair. Yes i started does so many celebrities. Jennifer aniston excess as well said yes. It was a very very short time with them was very nice to meet them very nice to work with them very very very good people right right so long. Hollywood stars basically therefore so. Tell me now You took a profession like hairstyling. Which a lot of people get stuck just a regular hairstyling with your local neighborhood. It's et cetera. We took that and you came to country here as a refugee Just like me and you took it in. You started working with the biggest people in this country. So explain to me like the mentality. Where would need you go into the stars to be honest with you. To tell the truth everything up front of me with anybody who ever i work i have some passion in my heart and then i have some love to do. It doesn't matter if it's a here. Special effects were efforts to do some things you say involved around the acting. Celebrities theater law. That and i love that things got i got so good connection everywhere and then i am all the way from hollywood to new york dealing with the people talking with the people working with the people now this kobe stopping me right if saw support. It's so nice. So where does your passion for theater come from What what makes you want to chase Celebrities artists home. My goodness i remember when i was little kid. We grow very close to the theater place. And then i remember all the time i was passing through my mom's hands. I was going all the way to the theater. And i was looking those characters. Those actors will those kind of dressing like a house at romeo anybody else. I was looking some. I remember some acting in theatre. Was some friends policemen. Then all the time was in my brain. How can i do one day me to present this kind of type of and still today and new york. They have some theaters here than i. I go everywhere. I try to go connect. i've seen accola. Yes yes. I have so many friends so many people who's calling me and they say hey. We're going to do this set. Can you come help us check the money. I never never see. Say we're going on just to move forward all the time action pass an all time. It's it's it's nice you know because you're creating something you're promoting something you you given to the people right. It was something. Because i am not very very young. You know and then I was in a couple of few cents in the movie. And then i was Making characters nine hundred twenty five contrast in a makeup makeup dressing. I tried to find coles and believe me sometime. I go to goodwill to find some calls all school all school then to bring them up to bring them up and to say this guy looks character and i'm trying to do the makeup and i'm trying to do with the hair a believe something they use upholder and i put in the hair and i make those Those like a creepy here or sometime. I do like up sneaking back your luggage forties fifties twenty some time. They have a very short really focus on getting the whole thing from the makeup and low. Sometimes you're setting people up for the stage you have. Sometimes i do the area. And i see what kind of car brings were kind of stuff to bring in to show exactly. This thing has to look very very old right which is believe me sometime. I have to ask some old friends. Who's more older than me. And i say. Hey how's this look before. And then how. Can i create this all telling me back than it has to be shoes like. This has to be like a jacket that has to be very very and then. I'm having some time in hard to find them yet and personal looking from everywhere. I'm looking everywhere. And i'm connecting and i'm bringing up and i'm trying to do something you know. Either we did that. With some of the actors we are troll providing our leaders can debate. You know how five hundred five centuries five centuries you have to create the person to make exactly how he looked so you're trying to find all the constant don't be basically and you found. I saw. I phoned them. And i made them. And i have a couple of you. Making everything by hand is that. I made a big thing by hand or i can get somewhere What i can Collect with some people or working with friends and then sometime we have to do with the material who.

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