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What do you wanna dot at all. I think we saw what we faster yesterday like. It's monday who's to birth ball these days. Nothing is normal and everything is weird but you can still save big when you switch to progressive. That won't change not to or any dumb where the rubber always meets the road. Actually i'm not even sure what that means. Speed radio network life hot news. Feed dot com. This stream is supported by advertises and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and graham sign for the defense. I'm rich denison fox. News defense attorneys for donald trump are denying the former president played any role in inciting the deadly violence at the us capitol last month as the senate. Impeachment trial continues. According to publicly available reporting it is apparent that extremists of various different stripes and political persuasions preplanned and premeditated an attack on the capital. One of the first people arrested was the leader of antifa defense attorney. Michael vander veen. Democrats say trump should be found guilty of inciting insurrection for his comments and tweets after the election that they believe prompted his supporters to storm the capital. The biden administration is expected to close a federal detention facility at guantanamo bay. Cuba white house officials say president biden may use his executive powers to begin the process of shuttering the site by the end of the year. It currently holds about forty prisoners. President biden today meeting with republican and democratic governors and mayors to discuss his nearly two trillion dollar coronavirus. Relief package the president told reporters in the oval office states and cities have been largely left on their own to deal with the pandemic wrong here that we thought was available with everything vaccine back not taste saying the federal government has a role to play president. Biden said he wants to know what mayors governors need to overcome the crisis. Fox's rachel sutherland in washington dr anthony fauci president biden's top corona virus adviser says americans will need to wear masks for several more months to avoid contracting the disease as vaccines are rolled out the biden administration last night announcing that the government has contracted for enough vaccines to provide two doses for everyone in the country but many won't be vaccinated until the summer. America is listening to fox news. Why are you still going to the post office do it all online with stamps. Dot com avoid trips to the post office print postage send invoices letters or packages and schedule pickups. Right from your home office. Twenty four seven get close to ten percent off first class up to forty percents off priority mail and up to sixty two percent off ups shipping rates. Go to stamps dot com. Click on the microphone and enter code fox for a four week. Trial plus free postage end digital scale. Stamps dot com code fox about two hundred wisconsin. Walgreens pharmacies have begun providing corona virus. Vaccines this man in madison. Says he's feeling good an any repercussion from it or not. Wisconsin is and aiding those sixty five and over in addition to those currently eligible for the doses under cdc guidelines and alabama inmate. Last night won a reprieve from his scheduled lethal injection after the supreme court said. The state could not proceed without his pastor in the death chamber. Fifty-one-year-old willoughby's smith a third sentenced to for the nineteen ninety-one murder of a twenty two year. Old woman in birmingham. Some people aren't happy with the fencing setup around the us capitol grounds following last month's deadly violence dc congressional delegate eleanor. Holmes norton is introduced the no fencing at the united states capitol complex act that comes as a temporary razor top fence around the grounds and capitol hill. Police recommend a permanent fence. Go up but holmes norton says offense would transform our democracy from one that is accessible to one that is exclusive and fearful of its citizens. Some residents abandoned together in a group called. Don't fence the capital founder. Alison cunningham doesn't affect the character here. But it's your country and the character of our capital and what message that sends around the world brunell capital. Police say the fans hasta stays. They investigate security failures that led up to the january sixth riot in washington. Chill nato fox news bob. Ovarian court found a folksinger. Guilty today of violating germany's strict child labor laws for having his four year old son perform on stage with him during an evening concert. Thirty nine year old angelo. Kelly was fined the equivalent of about thirty six hundred dollars for the summer concert in two thousand nineteen where he brought his son on stage to sing. What a wonderful world officials say. The appearance violated the country's youth labor protection act. Kelly says he plans to appeal. I rich denison and this is fox. News are mobile devices. Key to your business operations security analytics content distribution and it all must be done remotely. Keeping track of everything is impossible right actually. It isn't the sodhi platform gives you total visibility into your entire fleet of mobile devices manage and support your devices. Analyze data even create apps in minutes with saudi. You don't need silence solutions to run your mobile ecosystem. Visit saudi dot net slash fox for free trial for fox news radio listeners. That's s. o. T. i dot net slash fox theater to look weather from maha hop land news tweet weather center today partly sunny and cold with moderate wind high near eighteen tonight mostly cloudy skies with wind gusts as high as twenty miles around bologna near six. This weekend has chances of snow ranging from fourteen on saturday to five. 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