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Kelly Leffler back in the Republican majority in the United States Senate. President Trump has scheduled to hold a rally at this time tomorrow in Georgia. The Arlington Memorial Bridge has officially reopened. The nine year old bridge got a $227 million facelift over the past two years. U. S secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt. The project has been a success has come in on time and on budget, and it will extend the life of the bridge for 75 years. Bernhardt out And this is more than just a bridge. It is a monument to our veterans that connects the Lincoln Memorial to Arlington House. It's a symbol of a country brought back together after the Civil War. Stacy Land on W M A. L and W M a L com new study from the Triple A finds men To be more aggressive drivers than women. It's not just a matter of testosterone, and it is a matter of conduct and comportment behind the will. And John Townsend with Triple A says It's only gotten worse during the covert times. Although there's less traffic time roadways. People now essentially had the vote way to themselves, so they're speeding. They're changing lanes without giving signals. Younger Drivers of both genders are blamed for the worst of the dodging and weaving the most common defense driving 15. Miles an hour or more over the speed limit. John Matthews on W. M A. L and W m A L Calmly house passing the marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and expunging Act Today it looks a decriminalized cannabis and clear the way to erase Nonviolence. Federal marijuana convictions on this the yays there to 28. The nays are 1 64. The bill is passed without objection. The motion to reconsider is laid on the table Democrats and Florida Congressman Matt gets the lone GOP backer of the bill, arguing that the war in drugs has done more harm than good, saying it's now time to align federal law with states that have decriminalized marijuana. Well as the Corona virus continues to spread across the nation. State officials are tightening restrictions and the surgeon general the US Jerome Adams, telling Fox is a daily briefing how Americans could take precautions to help reduce the spread. The favorite thing to do is to keep your celebrations within the immediate members of your household to try to limit travel, if much as possible, and if you do have to travel, go to CDC dot gov. Find out how to do it safely because the actions we take now will determine how many people make it with us to this finish line that is so close. The CDC also says now that people should wear a mask whenever they're not at home. Whether you are inside or outside W m a L traffic and weather next proud to be Washington's home for Rush Limbaugh. I do this program for one group of people and one group of people only, and that's you won all 5.9 FM. It is a.

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