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Back. Anything is possible. I'm Jack Russell over with Richard Digger Phelps Digger. Let's go back January 19th 1974 The Irish are playing John Wooden's U C L A. They'd want 88 straight. What happened? Well, it's an interesting matchup. Of course. John wouldn't coach that South ventral South Bend Central High School back one after he graduated from Purdue, and he played pro for a couple of years. He ends up coaching in South Bend Central before then he went to Indiana State. And of course, that you sell a Bill Walton was probably the best player and you sell these program after Luau Sender or Jabbar's expelled today. But what was interesting that game as we're getting ready to play that we had going to be number two in the country. They remember one preseason in the street was up the 88. Well, what was amazing that week during practice before the game. We used to get together after practice, and this was on Wednesday before the game on Saturday, and John Shu Mai was the co captain, and Gary Novak was a co captain. And I made him both get together and a half court. We get together. Put her hands in the circle. My ideal number one. They don't you have another dame? Well, before we did that, I said, shoot, Goose. No. There you guys outside. Get your six players on each side in organized how you're gonna practice cutting down the Nets now for Saturday's game Saturday, Like looking at me, I said you do hear what I said. Said, organized and let's all go down and organized. How you're gonna organize to get these guys won't cut down the Nets. So no backs down here with these guys in one basket and kind of a guy named Tom Hanson was walking on the baseball player. He's up there. He's ready to cut. Then that's where the Sensei said, no. Don't cut them that today we needed for Saturday. But I wanted to get in their heads. Hey, we gotta practice cutting down the nets. Because we're gonna win Saturday. We gotta cut down the nets. So next thing you know, the game starts were down 16 the first half Anytime you're down, double figures in the first time by half time you want to get it tonight. They have a moment. Um, swing. Well, we did that. But you sell I with some three minutes and 22 seconds ago. They've got an 11 point lead and I called time out, and I looked all five players on the floor, dice Martin Gary broke our John Xiu Mei, Adrian Dantley and Dwight Plan and look at each guy and use a few French words. That if you're not ready to play, go take a shot right now among you down here because we're gonna win this game. What we come out of the time out. Where is our ball underneath our basket? We ran a play to shoot. May he stills gets it scores. And then he steals the inbounds pass to Bill Walton and scores. They've been Danley steals the pass down on the defensive end on the sideline. He score now they Mrs shot. They come down. Gary broke off. It's a shot in the left wing. Okay, Here we go. A straight points. They have a turnout. They come down. We go to broke on the left wing again. He shoots again over Keith Wells makes it now It's 10. Straight points. Next thing you know, they miss a shot. We get the rebound. And Brokaw's got the bomb Left wing and Tommy Curtis was guarding Dwight Plane leaves Curtis to go double team Would Wilkes on Broke Off Well is Gerry's dribbling across the lane. He seized white clay, who was known as the Ice Man because the year before as a sophomore, he hit the winning shot against Al McGuire's team, the end and 81 game winning streak at the Mecca in Milwaukee. He sees the ice man open, throws it to Clay. He hits the shot were up one. We held them scoreless. The last 20 seconds of the game. To me, gets the rebound frozen up in the air, and we end that streak at 88, Bill Walton and John Wooden and we go on to become number one in the country. Um, you and Gary Williams are the only college coaches that Had the most upsets over the number one team seven. It 20 years. 21 years you coached college basketball? What's the biggest thing you learned? Biggest thing I learned is in 21 years, there's a coach. All my players have graduated and then go on to be successful to gain in life, because what I also taught them outside of basketball is what do you got to do with life after basketball? Taught leadership in leadership had nothing to do with the game itself. It was give me somebody that's creative. Somebody has the right risk taker, somebody that has The right sense of survival, and that is leadership and all my guys went on to become successful leaders and the game of life after basketball like stock pattern is President Chicago Speedway. A guy named um Would say when I look at Mike Mitchell. He was a kid from California who as a south more tours Nia and he was a freshman in 79. And his junior year, he cares the same knee up on the other side. Well, he ends up graduating with a 2.5 in the school of business, but because those characteristics of leadership He became president, president of Nepalese US A beverage. So what it was to me was to get these guys to degrees, which father has broken Father Joyce while we do, but also teach them how to be successful after the game of basketball to go on, be successful in the game of life, and we did that in those 21 years, including the 14 year and 20 years of Notre Dame. Another 20 year chapter from 93 to 2014. You were a college basketball studio and game analyst. And for a number of years you carried a bald guy, One eyed guy named Dick Vie. Tell Alice about Dick vital. What if I tell? Of course, he was a high school coach in New Jersey. And then he became an assistant and Rutgers. And then coach at the University of Detroit. We'll know when the ESPN started. I'm really like 78 79. He became the first analyst to be a part of doing basketball college basketball. And he's the guy who made it for all of us, because what I think by town there is no yes, me and there is no college basketball being one of this that and he's just a great person and obviously with the Jimmy V Foundation when Jimmy Valvano died He started everything to do fundraising. What she's rain Mark Kind millions.

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