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Is so. I'm sure that those those will be modified and they'll be wrong anyway patty so so it is what it is but hey let's let let's talk about a couple of other young players in terms of guys who guys who stood out young guys. Who made an impression on saturday guys who may not make the fifty three man roster but may have at least put themselves in position to to make the practice squad couple of guys for me who stood out. Were young offensive. Lineman jake burton Wide receiver slash special. Teamer met cole. Who made a really really nice play To me co was a guy who that's how you make an impression when you've only been on a roster for a week as you make a big play on special teams you get the attention of the head coach and maybe another guy who had a nice night was a defensive. Tackle david moore Miss maybe talk about those guys talk about anyone else that you might have seen Who made an impression up going to add. Raymond johnson as a potential practice quater I thought he flashed at times. But yeah i think you hit upon the the main guys. Ed You know just like you said right now the roster rules as they are and by the way i liked the new russell's i hope they keep them permanently. They the fact that you can move guys up and down off off the practice squad. It's kind of like you know you don't you. Don't have your heartbroken. If a guy doesn't make the the initial fifty three man roster you know what i mean because she know that. Oh there's always a chance you could bring that gap or you can always protect that guy. So it's kind of like you you you do have expanded roster without actually having expanded roster if that makes sense You know for me i. i'll tell you there are some intriguing guys. I think they have something in hegi. Heggie heggie right iraqi You know needs a little bit of work. 'cause he's still kind of on the raw side but there's some talent there for down the line because look jonathan harrison of. He's the backup center. He's only signed to a one year. Deal so i kind. I look at contracts to as kind of an indicator when putting together rosters and doing roster projections and say okay. The giants only have their backup center signed for one year of. He doesn't make it. What's your next option. Or if he does make it. What's the guy behind him. Potentially behind him going to do so. I factor all that in but the young guys. You're right Several them did make some impressions and It's going to be tough. I think the toughest spot if you're in if you're looking at the spot one physician group where the coaches are going to how i think the toughest call me. I'm going to say it's receiver because there are a lot of guys that have stood up. You know we took. We talked about sells matt whole Cj board is obviously had a pretty good game the other night So who's going to be at the bottom of the depth chart and you know it's gonna come down to special teams and you know just kind of going back to sales for a second. That was even though that that was by design that he didn't play special teams. I'm sorry you gotta see him on special teams because that's going to be a deciding factor so Those are some of the guys that I agree with. I agree that there. They made an impression on one last topic. Patty before we Before we call it a show for today we have to talk a little bit about. Could area's tony. I think I think we learned on saturday a little bit about why the young man's workload has been so light You know joe. Judge admitted finally that he's been dealing with an injury that he aggravated the injury in typical. Joe jug fashion. Joe judge fashion. We don't know fits an upper body injury lower body injury. We don't know if it's an ear infection we have no we have no ide -sego of bruised ego who knows But but at this point in time you know. There's been so many weird things with with canaries. Tony and and you know cove it and now this and skipping the the voluntary. Ota's he's had so few reps and so much field time at this point. That and i know people throw around the word. Boston this and that and it's way too early for for that kind of nonsense but but what i am concerned about at this point is how much the giants are going to be able to get from him early in the season. I mean at this point. I think it's very difficult for the young man to to be ready to contribute in the first part of the year. Would you agree with at least that much. Well let me ask you this. Do you remember beckham junior. And how his season or how his nfl career started. Do you remember the sequence. There had a hamstring injury. Missed i think the first four games of the season. How did his rookie year out. Pretty well as a matter of fact. Okay so i'm not saying that canaries. tony's odell beckham. i'm not saying. Odell beckham is cadaverous tony. But why couldn't canaries. Tony have a similar career path. Once he gets over the injury. I mean look. I mean it. The giants are in a playoff or bus mode. Which even though. John merigan say it. I think we can all agree that that is the the mantra i mean. Do you agree with that or just. The i don't know if it's i don't know if it's if it's playoffs or bust. Patty wanna winning cmih to me. It's they want a winning season. Okay there are there are to me. It's if if this is another five or six win season especially in a seventeen game season. Then they are. Problems are going to get made than we've got. We've got problems if it's if it's an eight nine win season playoffs or no playoffs. Then i think then. I think you're in a different place. Okay but the the point. I'm trying to make is i. Don't get the impression that there's as much stress on the rookies to contribute. I mean they want him to contribute. Don't get me wrong. But i'm not saying that it's a matter of life or death that they contribute whereas i get the impression that you know you're going to see could area's tony at some point during the year but is he going to be the number one receiver. No that's gonna be golladay. Your is he is. Qadir's tony gonna see as many snaps sterling. Shepard probably not will he see snap the same number steps as maybe dairy slayton. That that i could say. So darius tony's time will.

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