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The calls it they're making an end the inquiry's they're trying to see come to fruition but right now that the hell out of stuff going very for the defending eastern conference champs we'll see if attaching get into the discussion for carmelo anthony of course with chris paul joining james harden in houston the rockets may have bolted themselves into the priorities deed the lam somebody like carmelo anthony sports center all night espn radio on espn at wimbledon gets underway in the morning coverage on espn seven am eastern time though defending women's champion serena williams she's not there to defend that championship she's pregnant she's taking the rest of the season off the 2016 men's champ andy murray he's there there's pressure on the event because you know one of the most important that we play during the whole year so if i wasn't nervous the sore didn't feel any pressure the uh be very worried by the north should be wanting to keep playing if that was the case i want to be nervous i want to feel the pressure these eddie murray the topseed heading at a tournament novak djokovic number two at number four is ravi on the dog coming off his job but when his record tenth championship they're in between joe kebich doll thirdseeded roger federer espn analyst patrick mcenroe was absolutely astounding what roger federer data to win in the australian open taking the last six months off last year to rehab that nee then he went on a terry again on hardcourts waiting in indian wells ed miami i think it was the right decision by michael the take off the clay court season to arrest his body and most importantly to arrest is bind to come in completely fresh and rejuvenated he played a couple of warmup tournaments what have what she went out early but then he won in holly tournament he's owned in his career much in the way he's on the grass courts here wimbledon as you said of course winning this title seven times to me he's the oddson favorite to do it again and it is just incredible that his as at thirty five years of all were saying he's the favourite to win wimbledon because remember he hasn't won this title the.

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