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Ralph Northerns nineteen Eighty-four yearbook page shows a picture of a person and black face and another wearing Klux Klan hood, next two different pictures of the governor the Virginian pilot obtained a copy of the photo Friday from eastern Virginia medical school library, which Northam attended. It's unclear who the people on the picture are. But the rest of the pages filled with pictures of Northam and lists his undergraduate, alma, mater and other information about it. Republican party of Virginia chairman Jack Wilson called the pictures wholly inappropriate nobody's confirmed yet. And I as I understand that the governor's office has not even issued a statement on the photographs denying that he's in the photograph or denying that it is him. But if it is him he should resign. President Trump is cheering the surging US economy on Twitter. The president writes best January for the Dow in over thirty years we have by far the strongest economy in the world. He also re tweets. CNBC news article about the economy, creating a stronger than expected three hundred four thousand jobs in January, citing the jobs report. White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, says the president's agenda is clearly succeeding and that the economy is booming. Greg Clugston, Washington. Nato accuses Russia breaching an important Cold War era, nuclear treaty and the western military alliance urging Moscow to come back into compliance. President Trump says he decided to withdraw the United States from the IMF treaty because Russia wasn't adhering to the pact. One side has not been adhering to it. We have but one side hasn't so listed here. We should be the only one I hope that we're able to get everybody in a very big and beautiful room and new a new treaty that would be much better. The White House says Russia's long violated the tree and its missile system threatens US allies and troops abroad. On Wall Street. The Dow up by sixty four points, but the NASDAQ dropped eighteen more on these stories at townhall dot com. This report is sponsored by Aramco mortgage. Now, here's the answer is real estate and mortgage Alice near on our alma the Federal Reserve completely reversed its stance from six weeks ago by indicating that for now it was done raising interest rates. Thanks to muted inflation slower global economy and the recent volatility in the.

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