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I'm in a newer sort of stage of my own recovery like sort of the deep deep recovery around like orthodoxy a and you know it's been a really long time since i engaged in some of those more like overt like eating disorder symptoms but as i've gotten into more that subtle kind of like oh just being healthy lifestyle change like you know or the wreck sick paleo whatever you know all of that it's interesting because it's come like right at the same time as me starting to be more vocal and i think feeling more empowered like feeling much more empowered to be more vocal about this within tramps health and also starting to come into eating disorder professionals communities in starting to talk about gender in trans stuff i don't think i mentioned this earlier but i did my dissertation on eating disorders and basically eating disorders nos and looking at symptoms instead of fulson roams and i thought i was going to really focus my clinical work in that direction but i actually got really turned off by the eating disorder professional field this was you know ten fifteen years ago because i didn't see myself reflected as a person of color as someone who is you know queer gender non conforming i just felt like i didn't honestly feel very safe in those spaces and more recently you know i have this friend and colleague who invited me to speak at this ignace orders conference just i guess it was last month.

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