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Just because you don't recognize the greatness stick to sports. I mean, I would say objectively make he doesn't he didn't. He couldn't name Jay z by name daisy is like. Yawns beyond motley Crue and the cultural lexicon if you will, but volley crews like I was just curious because it's not like motley Crue is considered a great band. I mean, I know they're motley Crue fans out there. But they're not considered a great band. I gotta stop you. There. Do they have like four platinum albums? I mean. Yeah. Hold like four hundred million albums. They were hot in the eighties. Yeah. But they weren't like they don't have like staying power. They're not a that. Like, well, they don't have staying power because they're not around anymore. Stands the test of time. Their other bands that aren't around anymore that people still like, you know, I just don't think of motley Crue is like I feel like they're very period. Eighties sound like the eighties the band of the eighties. Like, that's that's a pretty big stage to be on like were they the band of the there. They're one of the five prominent acts of the eighties absolute they definitely big for their time. There's no doubt when you mentioned the big acts of the eighties. Motley Crue has to be in that conversation, but the eighties also aren't known as the the the period with the things that. That's the test of time the most. Yeah. Maybe to you. But to me, I grew up on eighties music like rock and eighties. Rock and roll. Is my kind of music. Again it but again. Like, you know, I grew up in the eighties. I was born in one thousand nine hundred one vino I feel like I've touched a nerve. And I do apologize. But you know. I just I would consider motley Crue like a huge staying power ban. Like you had to reference the songs from me earlier. But we probably shouldn't spend too much time. Jay z songs for me. But that's not a conversation. You can't like actually make that case. It's not a again when I say, objectively, and I will say with full disclosure jaycees. My favorite artists of all time like my motivational speaker. I am totally biased. But removing said bias objectively speaking there is no competition as far as who has had. A lasting imprint both culturally and musically between Jay's crew. It's competition. Yeah. That's like who never Louis Louis teed tally through tweets in. When was the last time in pro or college Patrick Mahomes played a big slash meaningful game. I mean, that's that's what you're I've. No one has said first of all Patrick, Mahomes, wasn't even the guy. Necessarily said I'd pick as the quarterback had the most confidence going into the playoffs on. But you can't really hold that against. We haven't had a chance to play in. Any bigger meaningful games? Roy Hinkley says to pick from each conference breeze and luck both have their teams playing championship type football. And both should be fun to watch this month. Andy Banda, I'd take Philip rivers only because he knows if he loses he has to go back home to those fifty kids he has. So he's going to be playing like a beast. Roberto rodriguez. No Brady mentioned and no Goth mention all Goth needs to do is not play bad. He does not need to play. Great. By the way, he was the better cube even the Rams played the chiefs. Well, if you're saying he only has to not play bad. He's definitely isn't the guy that you have confidence in Tom Brady. I'm not going to get mad at anybody for that answer. But it is telling that we all forgot Jared Goff in this conversation. Jeff in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jeff, you're up next here on CBS sports radio. Robin. Love your show. Thank you, sir. You know, you gotta go classics. I love Led Zeppelin and Tom Brady guy till I die. There you go. My son really loves immigrant song by Led Zeppelin. He's four Raj because it's played prominently in Thor ragnarok. So whenever I play that song for me gets. He gets round up. Yeah. Go ahead. You can keep making your point. I mean, look. Tom Brady shines in the postseason, and you got to go with his record. He's the greatest of all time. How could anyone not go with Tom Brady? It just doesn't make sense of it. Yeah. I mean, look, I understand that point of view..

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