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And we're back here on the gs mc fantasy football podcast for the third segment of today's show. I'm going to be doing my position. Rankings for the teams in the nfc north regarding fantasy. So let's get right into that so starting off the team. That finished in last place last year. The detroit lions and the lions have gone through a lot of changes. They now have a new quarterback. Jared goff they did the trade with the rams. The swapped quarterback stafford going to the rams and golf going to the lions. Have a new head coach. They lost some firepower on offense with in regards to marvin jones and kenny golladay. So this is going to be a different team this upcoming season and they're not going to do very good this year. They're going to be a rebuild. Though i like. I've been saying over the past couple of weeks. I do like the dan campbell signing a lot more each day and i feel like he definitely is going to provide the culture. Change that the lions do need. But i think they are going to be in a rebuild. So yeah so looking at the position ranking so i'd probably have to put their defense last. I think a lot of people of course are going to stay away from their defense. Of course they do have some playmaker young players that you know we're going to continue to develop and hopefully get better for this rebuild but i think that you know the defense is going to be one of the worst in the league. Probably so say their defense is probably going to be a last in terms of the position. Rankings regarding fantasy. So then after that i would probably have to say. It is the quarterback position and it. It really has to do with. Jared goff now. Jared goff has proven to be a solid quarterback in the nfl. But that is in large part to do what he's had to surround him with. You know he's had sean mcveigh's head. Coach said a great offensive line. A great running game with todd gurley for the first couple years of his career. And then you had robert woodson cooper cop you know as well and you had some good tight ends to so now you go into a situation where you don't have that you have a weaker offensive line. The andrea swift is a good player. And jamaal williams. You know what i think. He's going to do well in his role to so they got a nice little bit of a one to punch their You know but the wide receivers. I mean persad perelman and tyrone williams is definitely a downgrade from especially since daryl williams was injured for the whole year last year. You know. it's definitely a downgrade from cooper robert woods and of course they did draft the wide receiver seeing brown. So they do have that. But you know they also do have tj hodkinson. But it's just. It's not the same. And i think jared goff is going to struggle. I am hoping that he. I am pulling for him this year. I really hope that he does well in his role. But i just don't think he is. But we'll have to wayne say so then after the quarterback spot i'm going to have to put their wide receivers. I just feel like you know again. The wide receivers it. It's very spotty tyrone williams you know in twenty in twenty nine thousand nine was pretty. Good with the raiders You know so. I think you definitely help out the receiving core and think rashad. He can help out as well. But i i just don't think they're going to have. The same level of impact is more of jones. Kenny golladay would in this offense. And especially because i don't think jared goff is going to have the level protection protection that he had in l. a. And we've seen how jared goff is when he's under pressure and he is really bad. He could be really bad at times so i like that. That's what's going to be the problem and you know. They draft pennies sewell. You know and that's definitely going to help but how much is going to help really You because again. Jared goff is not a good quarterback under pressure. You know so if the offensive line holds up then it's a different story but you know i just feel like that's gonna really hurt this offense. A lot is because jared goff is not under pressure so yeah the receivers and then i would say tj hodkinson would come next. I just feel like he's going to be the top target in this offense. I i feel like jared goff you know when he has a good tight ends you. That's a security blanket and we saw that with higby and gerald and tj. Hopkinson is a very talented tight end. And i feel like because he's really the established player on this offense one of the few established players on this offense because there's a lot of new pieces coming in you know i. I just feel like you know. Jared goff is gonna find him as a security blanket and he's going to be his top target so i i would probably put him at number two in terms of position. Rankings tight end spot then. I would say the running backs. I would say you know because you bringing in now jamal williams as i said i think it's a you know an underage combo between him and swift. You know in swift. When he was healthy he produced. You know he. He definitely produce at times in know. So i definitely think those guys you know they can be productive and they will probably be the best position group in terms of fantasy you know out of the rest on their teams because they i think they will generate the most points you know because the wide receivers are going to be inconsistent golfers. I think not going to be that. Good this year but will say and you know hopkinson. I think it's going to be the top target. So you know we'll we'll see what happens. But yeah that's my position. Rankings regarding fantasy for the detroit lions so moving onto the next team team that finished in third place last year. Was the minnesota vikings now. I expect the vikings to be a much better team this year. I think there's no question about it. So i would see the tight end. Spot is going to be coming last in terms of the position rankings. Now i think earth smith junior is going to be an underrated sleeper going into the draft. You know for fantasy in. Oh i definitely think he could be possibly the number three option you know. Now the vikings they did bring in dede westbrook so maybe that kind of changes things a little bit. But now the kyle rudolph is no longer there. Smith junior is the guy tight end. And i and i think he's definitely going to increase in value..

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