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Full years. Call lead +66 90 Nation or visit window nation dot com. Steve Dresner. W T o P traffic Now your forecast from Met Ritter. The hazy skies we've had for the past couple of days caused by the smoke from the wildfires out west in the haze is going to stick with us this evening and overnight tonight. Otherwise, it's a mainly clear forecast chapters to be cool and comfortable overnight tonight Lows a range from the upper forties and a lot of the suburbs, especially northwest of D. C. Loaded mid fifties elsewhere and partly sunny for tomorrow, Mr of some high level clouds but also still some haze. Milder highs will be in the mid to upper seventies Thursday will be mostly cloudy with a cold front moving through the area. Chance of a shower Hides will be in the mid seventies, too, near 80 and mostly cloudy on Friday. The front will still be clearing our area, but it's going to keep the vast majority of the remnants of Sally away from us. There's just a chance of a few showers on Friday, mostly south of the district. Hives will be in the low to mid seventies. I'm store Team four meteorologist Matt Ritter and checking current temperatures around our region. 60 degrees in Riverdale Park. We have 63 in Bailey's crossroads. 61 in northwest Washington at 8 30 Thiss is w t O p your source for today's top news, traffic and weather. Always connected and constantly update in your car at home at work and on the go W GOP Never miss a moment. Good evening. I'm Michelle Bash. Alicia A. Belson is at the editor's desk. Coming up. Hurricane Sally could make landfall either late tonight or early tomorrow along the Gulf Coast. A new call in Congress to take federal action to slow the spread of wildfires. Virginia governor outlines voting options With early in person voting about to begin, particularly on It's 8 31. Hurricane Sally is crawling toward the northern Gulf coast of just two MPH, a pace that's allowing the storm together huge amounts of water to eventually dump on land. Forecasters now expect expect landfall late today or early tomorrow near the Alabama Mississippi State line. Forecasters say the slow moving storm will bring record flooding to the region, with nearly 2 Ft. Of rain accumulation in some areas near the coast. What might the storm surge? Be like? 224 Ft will be very common all the way over into the Florida Panhandle as far to the East, a zap electrical and maybe even farther east than that, maybe going on all the way over to cedar Key, But the rainfall is going to be a real problem because that's not just a coastal event. This is England, and we're looking at rainfall amounts of 6 to 8 inches that'll be spreading northward in the central Alabama. Northern Georgia and western North Carolina. That's Dennis Feltgen with the National Hurricane Center. Many residents in that region are preparing for the worst from Sally. Everything is scary. Right now, Thousands of people like Janet Ryan have already packed up and left their homes packed up. What I need for maybe a couple of weeks because I don't know how much water they will be here. Officials here in Biloxi see that they're anticipating historic amounts of rain. You could see water already spilling onto the sidewalk here, and some people aren't concerned about the hurricane. At this point, Despite some roads being blocked off Alabama Governor Kay Ivey closed beaches in her state and urged people in low lying areas to leave. That is Skyler Henry reporting from Biloxi, Mississippi. The bobcat fire in the Angeles National Forest in California is growing this despite favorable weather conditions for firefighters around 300 homes in.

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