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Markets mostly lower the Dow fell one 57, capitals in a scoring battle with Carolina tonight. 9 o'clock. This is CBS News on the hour, your home for original reporting. I am Jennifer Kuiper in Chicago classes on the Michigan state university campus won't resume until Monday after last night's shooting leaves three students dead and 5 seriously wounded. The suspect is dead after turning the gun on himself, CBS detroiter, Detroit reporter, Chris loudin. University police said sophomore, Brian Fraser, and junior Alexandria Werner, where two of the three students killed. Officials say McRae, who had no known ties to the university, took his own life, following a three hour standoff miles from the campus. I know everybody wants to know what the motive is. We don't have an answer right now. And that's the honest truth. According to state prosecutors, the suspect had previously been on probation for a possessing a loaded gun. Officials say he also had a history of mental health problems. In Parkland, Florida, the community gathered tonight to mark 5 years since the deadly shooting rampage at marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, the lone gunman killed 14 students and three staff members. The Biden administration still isn't sure what the U.S. Military shot down in recent days over the skies of Lake Huron, northern Alaska and Canada's Yukon because the recovery efforts are being complicated by weather and the remote locations. CBS cami McCormick. The National Security Council's John Kirby said the FAA, the intelligence community and military pilots are all being asked to help identify what the objects may have been, but finding debris is important. Still want to recover it because that's our best way of knowing for sure what these things were. In the meantime, he says one possibility is they were tied to research facilities and could be as he called it totally benign. A Missouri judge overturns the wrongful murder conviction of a man who spent nearly 28 years in prison for killing that he has always said he did not commit. Russell kinsel was there when 50 year old Lamar Johnson walked out of court. Supporters were jubilant

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