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I i want to hear more from tony platt ski because i don't know what the waiting period would be for the entire twenty eight minutes to be released i assume there's a claim to be made by any news organization any media outlet ours included that would say we have a right to know we have right a right to it so i'm going to assume that that's the case i don't know if that takes ten days thirty days two days i'm not sure but but his historically the manifestos the letters all that stuff has been public record so i would assume twenty eight minutes from a twentythreeyearold manner described himself as a psychopath is probably also going to be public record you may not want to hear it all you may say it's not useful you may even say you may even argue that it's harmful it's gotta be a nightmare going to be a nightmare all over again for the family the room mates and the victims families they're gonna hate hearing it we're gonna hate hearing about it because he says he's not sorry traffic update melinda brand slow traffic conditions making your way northbound on thirty five adding to it is a rack right before wells branch parkway we also have reports of a collision should be close to clearing though over mopeds southbound just pass be road it's been blocking the left lane and then a reported iraq lake austin boulevard infield in one itself i read in slaughter melinda bryant with us on time traffic pills jeff warden ed clements afternoons three to seven on newsradio klbj five ninety am and ninety nine point seven fm.

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