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The difference between a big box retailers hold on the difference between the tables, the different difference between a big box retailer and a restaurant. Or, frankly, even a church are so different. It's unbelievable. So you got three. Tell you where I disagree. You're where you can have your thoughts and you have learned to wear a mask disagree. Science. I'm sorry. It's science. If you wear that such a different story, 100 people in the lows aren't any safer than 150. People in restaurant that holds 600. I don't believe it. Sorry. Don't believe that you're gonna narrow. There were a lot of restaurants that have fought back and they don't have any problems and the rope, okay, You don't have to believe it. But let me just say this. You're doing a disservice to the viewer because the viewers need to understand it. Wait, we're out of you were you are Let's give a disservice to the listeners. That's more and more effective on radio. I think they give you have a younger listeners. Science science. You need to follow the science very Orwellian on that guys. Parts, and that other guy's having a heart attack. You should still be ever did you watch the video of him? I didn't like that. He was shaking back and forth like a penguin kind or something. A big viruses. They're going to get him behind. Point pressure. Gonna take him out. Angry Penguin trade, Mr Tracy Taylor say something comforting to the people sitting. And what's the backup? 300? Miles long or something? 300 Miles? No 12 Miles, but still 148 minutes from Seattle, the Everest so that makes for a fun of Friday afternoon. This record, 112 still taking up two lanes pretty serious for this incident, so drivers of filtering over to a north and 99 that's packed out of north Seattle. It goes all the way into the shoreline and in north ever it rather South Everett and it's just gonna be a rough one. If you're headed north found in the snow of this county. They're still working with the crash at Greenwood and 117th that's blocking. We're also hearing about this record. Weston 18 just west of I 90 Directions of highway 20 at deception past that's closed for a crash of their bumper to bumper driving north on four or five out of Bellevue, up to 78th and Kirkland that crash there is still taking up the two left general purpose lanes and both toll lanes and we're still finding ourselves at a crawl itself. But I find out of the U District through downtown Not bad. Upsell Center hill. But pack from Highway 18 most of the way into Tacoma travel brought to you by a McQueen casino. Now open. Enjoy a safe, clean, comfortable escape where we all win. Let's keep the current flat together. M O Queen Casino, the entertainment capital of the northwest, Cairo Radio, real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor. If you purchased round up brand weed and grass killer products, you may be entitled to payment from a proposed class action settlement. This settlement is about product labeling, not personal injury, so physical injury is not necessary to make a claim. Visit round up w g k settlements dot com to file a claim online..

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