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Thanks to Brad hero the ones and twos Chris Norton on the scoreboard updates Greg Greg straw in for Bob level Bob's it's summer hiatus is over as of next weekend now you'll hear me on the show next Friday night not exactly breaking news I'm like on the show like every night in some form or fashion when you're the voice of like nine different things you find ways to show up on the program like for example I'm gonna be out with mark force tomorrow night at about ten thirty what we're talking about I have no idea tomorrow is one of the handful of Saturday's in which I don't anything called a play by play standpoint my job tomorrow is to be a good grand son my grandfather turned nineteen nine on Tuesday we are having the family party for him to Morrow to all be driving up the family way down south I won't give you the directions that Bob once gave me to my home town I'm not sure they're fit for radio description asked me in public I'll be happy to share with you the FCC may not like it so anyway maybe we'll tell let's start with Bob on there when I'm here next Friday so they'll more force tomorrow night but I will be in this chair with Bob in the room as as a kind of cold hose one of the best way to put it for next week show is more along the lines of master of ceremonies we're going to honor twenty five years of Bob Lobel being the host of network Indiana is Indiana sports talk as he starts season number twenty six next Friday night you will hear from a lot of the voices that were with Bob over a lengthy period of time during those twenty five years now I have many friends a lot of those folks just because you know we're all radio nerds we kind of you know swim in the same pond but the guy whose idea it was to start Indiana sports talk in Scott Eaker is always very much a mentor of mine from my days at the university of Indianapolis Scott will be the gas will be most prominently featured in terms of length of time next week on the show but you will hear from a lot of different people that have been either guys that kind of cut their teeth on the show Michael Grady kind of comes to mind you'll hear from great gas there have been a part of the program over the years we think it's a it's a good radio every Friday and Saturday it's the reason why we can't keep doing this over the course of twenty five years but next Friday that will be a very special edition of the program certainly hope you don't miss it next week on the show a quick shot out by the way to the all the modern if I've got a little more time later in the program I might go back into it but today was a media day for the schools of the Great Lakes valley conference at the division to level and the university of Indianapolis was selected as the unanimous choice to win the league yet again this will be the eighth year of Great Lakes valley conference football at the university of Indianapolis has won the conference six times they have played in the NCAA division two playoffs five times during that window including winning a first round game a season ago what has changed brand new had.

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