Nystrom, David Attenborough, Europe discussed on BBC Newshour


Oceans the british natural nystrom naturalised excuse me said david attenborough made this plea at the end of his latest bbc tv series blue planet showing young seabirds eating plastic never before have we had such an awareness of what we are doing never before have we have the power to do something the truly we have a responsibility to care for the future membership and indeed all life now the heavens well from january the first china which recycles most of europe in america's plastic waste will ban the import of tons of the stuff so why professor margaret bates his next but in waste and recycling of the university of northampton this is part of an ongoing campaign that china hence instigate tate starting several years ago with increasing quotas teeth at mons to stop portray coping the import of foreign garbage so they can't ban a number of different kinds of waste coming in because they fail they don't need it it's not good enough quality which very importantly us and pretty much the rest of the game and the us involves the ban on the imports of past what is done with the plastic wants it goes to china why combat be done in europe what's done inch china is a sauteed and then it's recycled if we had the infrastructure this shouldn't really be any need us to act voted to toll other countries recycle some of the plastic quite effectively for example switzerland recycles old plastic buckled in country is this going to be a crisis because if twothirds of britons plastic so much other countries plastic is going to china.

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