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As a full a human person in person sitting anxiously waiting to see if you've got thirty people, thirty views. That's a whole classroom record people, of course, earn life and so so many people go man like thirty years. That's embarrassing. You have thirty real people you gotTa seem as real people will see this number. Thirty real people who sat down and took the time to watch her on any gauge with your that's Elaine. Yeah. He's not to see it that way even if it's two people. The three questions we always get our number one. No one's watching my staff for like I. think that's a real good way to say I'm going to humanize my viewers, right? That's the first one. The second is why I don't know if my content is connecting and so almost like what do I what do I post and what do I share in is there a is that an iterative process is that an 'cause? How much of that is he? I'm Sharon I WANNA start this travel channel I post something that I think will work and I get kind of no traction but then I post something that I think is kind of be minus and I get insane traction. So now should i. It's not exactly what I want, but my audience loves it or sometimes is exactly what I want. But my audience doesn't like it. How do I reconcile that? So the the most important thing above everything. Is You have to. Like say your travel blocker. You are not a relatable person, right most people chance travel the world for free or get to travel the world, and so if you only need host photos of your travel, you'll get some audience in they appreciate the images or you're not going to build a relationship that audience that way. And so being vulnerable. And being authentic and being relatable and sharing your hobbies or interests your failures, your You, know the things you've gone through that struggles a bit like that's higher going to build an audience that actually cares about you. Right. And most people don't want to share that stuff because in their minds they're looking at the person who's posting photos with Lamborghini all day and the wall but they have Lamborghini and and seems to be working for them, and it's like however while it's working to to flex a lifestyle, it would work better for that same person with lamb gates just be honest and transparent and vulnerable about what they've been through relates to their kids because you.

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