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N. Thank you for listening. It is the mark Blazer show. And earlier we were talking about Gabby potatoes boyfriend. His name is Brian Laundry and the FBI searching the home in Florida there of Brian. And for more on that, let's bring in Alex Stone from ABC News. Hey, Alex. Welcome in man. Hey, there, Mark. Happy Monday. Happy Monday. So earlier today, the FBI agents police swarming Brian laundries home in Florida and what's the latest on this? Yes, They were there for quite a while. And the FBI is telling us that they were executing a court ordered a court approved search warrant and they went in. They put up crime scene tape around the home. The his parents were brought out and a grandmother. Brought out put into a way of van outside of the home, and they were in that van for not very long. Maybe 20 minutes, half an hour, And then they were allowed to go back in and the FBI taking away Brian laundries vehicle, not the white van, but another vehicle that he had there. And his whereabouts are unknown. His family claims that they last saw him almost a week ago as he drove to a wildlife preserve. Search has been underway. Their they have found no information. No evidence there, pointing to where he might be. Gabby Petitto is believed she's dead by all indications are that it was her body that they found yesterday. Although the corner and Wyoming still working to positively idea we should know a cause of death tomorrow. But that campsite area about 45 minutes or so outside of Jackson is blocked off their turning campers away and media and folks who want to be their own investigators who you know whether it be on apps or social media or whatever that they're showing up. Now that That they want to see it, but still a lot of work to do in the case. They think they know where her life ended. But where he is right now they have no idea. So what is so is that the Carlton Nature Reserve? That's that's where I guess I was saying that crews spent the weekend searching that at some 24,000 acres or so were you just talking about the Grand Teton wildlife in Wyoming. Well, the area where her body was found. Yes, So it's it's called the Spread Creek dispersed camping area and it's in Yeah. Bridget Teton National Forest about 45 minutes outside of Jackson, and then there's a gated area. With a sign that the welcomes folks in that gated area they've got deputies opposed to there. The FBI is inside of there right now, and they're looking for anything. They're trying to figure out what did go on. Oh, and by the way, We heard the 911 call today for the first time when they were stopped in Moab, Utah, because somebody dialed 911 to say they saw a couple fighting and by all indications in that 911 call That it was physical and that he was hitting her slapping her. This is what the caller said. We drove by a gentleman was slapping the girl, and then he goes on to say, and then we stopped. They ran up and down the sidewalk. He proceeded, the hitter hopped in the car, and they drove off. That was August 12th. So weeks before she was reported missing, last seen checking out of a hotel near Salt Lake and then going up, telling her parents that they were in Wyoming at that point, but He was that day that the video has been everywhere. But Moab police pulled them over that she was crying that they said they had had an argument that they were. They told them to separate for the night and then they went on their way and Then weeks later, she now appears to be dead and he's missing and nobody knows where he is. Well, and I also heard to Alex that police are saying they actually know more than they're reporting as far as Gabby and they believed to be her body. Her remains and and they know more than they're reporting. Have you heard that as well? Well, yeah, that's pretty common. They're not going to tell us everything they know. And there's some of the evidence of why they were able to find her in a pretty specific area. Yeah, and the Grand Teton area is So big an FBI agent tell me a couple of days ago that unless they got specific information on where they had been, or where a body might be, that it would be almost impossible without some Indication of where they should go because it is so wide and so open in Wyoming and that whole area I mean, Utah, Idaho, everything and that they would need some indication of where to go. They Clearly honed in on this camping area. And what that evidence was. Was it a family member? We know that they were getting data off of her phone and his phone. Did they get some indication of her last whereabouts on the phone? Maybe that led them their technology white. Yes, they say that they know more than what they're telling. But they also say They don't know where he is that it's nothing indicating where he's gone to, and technically, they Are calling him a suspect. Yet they're waiting on. It would seem there waiting on the cause of death to come back as murdered it to figure out what's up with him. Right now. He's technically a missing person. But it's pretty clear is they're executing search warrants that they believe there's more to it. And they've given a rough time frame Alex from when she's been technically missing, too, when they found her, of course, yesterday was that was that I mean, I know when the story surfaced, but you know, it's kind of it's a little bit confusing when you hear or see like the 911 thing, and you go. Well, that was August. 12 you go. Oh, my gosh. That was 5.5 weeks ago six weeks ago. So you get you start. So like, do they? Are they saying specifically when she was technically missing? I mean, has it been several weeks at this point? Well, yeah, I mean, since anybody last saw her. It was at the end of August when she was seen coming out of that store in Utah. And then when she called her mom, But it was a while after that, because nobody knew that she wasn't with Brian Laundry until he showed back up in Florida and pulled into the family home and Maybe his family knew something before that, but nobody publicly until he returned and her family started to say, Where is she? So it was only within the last week week and a half that Law enforcement was notified that he returned to Florida and she wasn't there. So it hasn't been that long that they have been actively looking, and the case has become known, but there was a lot of lag time there. They believe that whatever happened to or happened toward the end of August But there was a long time that they didn't know about it as he was, apparently, as family members thought that they were just, you know, driving around and they were in rural areas and not calling them And then he arrived back in Florida, and she wasn't there. Crazy is still in her van, and they reporting that her van is still at his his parents, residents or his residence. Yeah, they've been in. They've been looking at those vehicles and he pulled back in with that when he came back, so they've got access to the van. That's going to be all part of what the FBI evidence response team with local police. They're going to be looking for every fiber in that car to figure out what went on. Alright. Alex Stone ABC news Thanks very much for the latest on this. We appreciate your brother. You've got to tell us. Good. Thanks, Marcy. You man. Incredibly sad. 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