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Thirty nine missing children were rescued after a two week operation led by the United States marshals service missing. Child. Unit in Atlanta and Macon Georgia officials said on Friday. You Marshall said during operation not forgotten, which was conducted along with other officials. The twenty six children were rescued. The other thirteen were located to make sure that they were safe. Nine people were were arrested in investigator so that they file charges for alleged crimes related to sex trafficking, parental kidnapping registered sex offender violations, drugs, and weapons, possession, and custodial interference during the operation. Days later it was announced that while working with state and local authorities at the US. Marshals rescued twenty five missing endangered children from Ohio in what remains an ongoing effort called Operation Safety Net. The missing children ranged in age between thirteen and eighteen years old. They were found across the state of Ohio and is as distant as Miami. Florida. These are kids that have been abused and neglected. Some had been involved in human trafficking US Marshal Pete Elliott Toe Debbie Ohio TV. Sometimes, the situations they they go to believe it or not may be better than the situations they left from. We have had some cases where the mother or the father or both may have been prostituting their own child. According to the officers involved Operation Safety Net will continue for a few more weeks in an effort to locate the roughly two hundred missing children from Northeast Ohio alone. The recent success comes after operation not forgotten rescued twenty six missing children in located additional thirteen in Georgia and Florida of those thirty nine victims. Authorities reported fifteen them had been traffic did. A third effort called operation moving target lead to the arrest of twenty seven Ohio Mitt. For engaging in sexually explicit conversations with undercover agents posing his children. The US Marshall Service is fully committed to assisting federal state and local agencies with locating and recovering endangered missing children in addition to their primary fugitive -hension Mitch Mission said Director the Marshall Service out of Washington. The message to missing children their families is that we will never stop looking for you. Invest investigators said that the missing children were considered to be some of the most at risk and challenging recovery cases in the area. Investigators so that they were able to confirm each child's location in person and inch and assure their safety. When we track down fugitives, it is a good feeling to know that we're putting the bad guy behind bars because that sense of accomplishment is nothing compared to finding a missing child said Darby Kirby Chief of the Missing Child Unit It's hard to put into words what we feel when we rescue a missing child. But. I can tell you that this operation has impacted every single one of us out here we're working to protect them and get them the very help they need Kirby. said..

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